Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This week was General Conference and I hope everyone had the opportunity to watch it, and if not, I`m sure it`s online so everyone should look it up. I loved the talks that were given by Boyd K Packer, Lynn G Robbins, Jorg K, Eduardo Gavarret, Elder Holland, M Russel Ballard, Carlos A Godoy and Elder Bednar of course....basically I loved them all. Conference is just an awesome spiritually building experience. I watched the majority of the sessions in Spanish and I loved that the members of the Seventy could choose to speak in their native language, that was amazing. My companion and I also made pancakes on Conference morning, there were delicious and we`ll only have to wait another 6 months until the next Conference.

So we`re sort of teaching an investigator who`s name is Alberto and he`s great...he`s just sort of afraid of commitments. He still lives at home and he`s middle aged, but for the most part is progressing at his own speed and one day will be baptized haha, one day! Right now we`re still trying to help him realize the importance of personal prayer. So we`ll have to work with him a little bit more....BUT his mom, Lucy is amazing. She signed up to give us food twice this week and we were able to teach her about the restoration and she accepted a baptizmal date! Heck yeah! She`s amazing and she also went to a session of conference....although she left right before Elder Bednar`s talk that was given specifically for the investigators! Ugh! and the Prophet too! We`ll just have to print out their talks for her :)

Last night we were able to have an amazing family home evening with the Pintor family. There are amazing converts and the dad, Tomàs just got his calling as the Sunday School President. He was so excited, I`m glad to see that the ward is really supporting him and his family in this new part of their life. We talked to them about Nephi in the Book of Mormon and how he built the boat to cross the ocean and that he didn`t have a lot of support from him brothers, but that he was obedient and that he had faith. We then compared that to a personal testimony and the tools that we`ve been given to strengthen our families and our own testimonies. I can`t wait to get back home to have family home evening with my own family. We`re going to be super on track when Kristen gets back, haha!

I love this time of year and I hope everyone can appreciate the beautiful world that we`ve been given to live in.

Lots of love,
Hermana Ward

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This week was amazing, Fabiola, Tomás ´s wife was baptized on Saturday and it was amazing seeing them both dressed in white in the baptizmal font. Tomás also gave a talk on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting about love and he´s just hilarious. He told everything that my companion and I are cruel because we told him he had to stop drinking coffee ....he then later mentioned how I told him that he should just make his coffee and addition to the garden. I love this family.

We´ve been seeing so many miracles and everything has to do with the family. The gospel is meant to bring families together and create more family unity in the home. I can´t wait to have my own famiy home evenings one day....the kids will be making the lessons and I´ll be in charge of the treat, ha!I love Mexican food, but I definitely think that the United States wins in the dessert category.

So my district lead is pretty funny, he´s from Mexico and he told me I have a Mexican look alike ¨Memo Ochoa¨ who is a soccer player and when I saw his curly hair I just laughed.

I watched the Women´s Conference on Saturday and it was amazing. I loved the focus there was on the temple and on the family too. I can´t wait until this weekend....General Conference is one of the best things ever and my companion and I are going to Walmart after we´re done writing to buy some Conference snacks....you´ve gotta have Conference Cookies.

Serving a mission is nothing like I would have ever imagined...I never thought I´d get upset if someone didn´t go to church or if someone didn´t want to pray, that wasn´t any of my business...but now that I´m on the other side of it...the missionary side...it´s a little sad and disappointing when the people don´t want to give it a chance or just don´t care. There are ups and downs to living the missionary life, but It´s definitely worth it.

(Memo Ocha)