Monday, February 24, 2014

First off, I gotta give a shout out to Sunshine, Sister Newcomer and Alexis, if you´re reading this...I received your letters this week! I´m pretty sure receiving letters is one of the best parts of the mission.

Okay everyone, it´s super hot here. I´m sweating buckets. This week sure has been interesting, that´s for sure. Last week we had an interesting experience while we were eating lunch. I left to use the bathroom and when I came back, before I could do or say anything, I see my companion handing her dessert back to the lady who made it! (What the heck are you doing!?) was one of those moments. She said it was too sweet and she couldn´t eat it. Nooo....what I felt in that moment cannot be put into words. I later tried to explain to her that we eat whatever the people give us because a lot of the people here don´t have a lot...and that discussion was wonderful. The next time we went to eat with that lady she started telling us about how when she left on her mission her mom told her two things 1. Return with honor and 2. Eat everything the people give you. In this moment I didn´t know what to say so i just kept my mouth shut. My companion apoligized again and thankfully the lady is really nice so we´ll see how things go next week when we return to eat with her again.

Yesterday in church the Bishop asked me to give a talk 5 minutes before Sacrament Meeting started....they also asked me to direct the music (which I have absolutely no problem with...except the song was a song that´s only in the Spanish hymn book and I´ve never heard it before in my life lol ) That was an interesting experience too haha. I spoke about charity and the pure love of Christ.

We also had a zone conference with our mission president and his wife. They´re great and I also leave from those meetings feeling really inspired. I´ve been a translator in the past 2 conferences too! haha! I don´t think I do that great of a job, but at least it´s something, haha!

This week I´ll complete 4 months here in Mexico! Until next week!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well this week has sure been interesting. My ´daughter´ (The girl I´m training) Started her mission in Columbia and all the rules of how things are done is different...It´s been a roller coaster for sure. We´ve also called our leaders more than once to confirm things that I try to tell her but she doesn´t believe me! Ugh the frustration...but we´re working hard here in our area. It´s not easy training someone but I´m trying my best. It´s a little frustrating because 1. Spanish is not my native language...and 2. My companion has like no trust in my yup. We´ll see how next week goes.

I received some great news though! Last week someone told me that a couple who I meet and taught in my last area are going to get married and are going to get baptized! Woohoo! The work continues! This gave me a little bit of motivation to keep going. Serving a mission is definitely one of the hardest things I´ve done in my life but I really am trying to give it my all. I only have a little bit of time to write this week but next week I´ll write more, I promise, I love you all!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey everyone! Well my Columbian companion and I haven´t gotten too lost yet and we can communicate just fine! I think the mission president´s wife was a little worried for me though because I received a call from her this morning asking how we were doing lol ¨I´m doing just fine Hermana Kusch!¨ haha! She´s great :D

My companion and I are super different but we are a great companionship. She´s serious and strict and ...I´m serious (sometimes)...but I love to have fun the end of her training with me she´ll be a fun machine!

It´s super hot here and we walk a ton, but we both are dedicated to the work so we´re hoping to see lots of great things happen in our area.

There are a few people in particular who we´re teaching but it´s hard for them to attend church because they work on the weekend to provide for they´re families. I think if everyone hadSunday´s off missionary work would be a little bit easier lol

I also ate more crickets yesterday. I didn´t want to offend anymore Mexicans so I just pulled off the legs and stomached them like a pro, haha! They´re not that bad...they´re just not my favorite thing in the world lol

Until next week!

Monday, February 3, 2014

First off...I received a call from the Assistants to the Mission President a few days ago. There are two assistants and they`re great, but I always have this lingering feeling that some huge change is going to happen whenever we receive a call from them because a lot of American girls are going to start coming and this means a lot of new changes. They told me that I`d be traveling to Cuernavaca for a meeting with all the other girls that were going to train! I think I experienced a little bit of shock in this moment.... Two days afterwards I was sitting in the meeting and all the faces of the girls who were going to come popped up on the screen. The President then started telling us who would be paired with who and where they`d be serving. All the blonde American girls keep passing! I was waiting for my Utah companion to pop up on the screen, but they all passed by! Then at the very end the President announced my name and told me I`d be training a girl from Columbia...COLUMBIA....I just finished 3 months from the time that I`ve left my house and I`m incharge of a Columbian in foreigners and a trainer who`s English isn`t as good as it could be haha. I guess we`ll see how this goes. Tomorrow I`ll be heading to Cuernavaca again tomorrow on a bus and I`ll bring her back to our area in Chilpancingo, Galeana. Let the adventure begin! haha!

Until next week!