Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This week has been a little sad, but it´s been good too. Saint James had his birthday and so nobody was home....I think we had 2 days where we only visited 2 people...although we walked a bunch! We´re working hard and we´re trying to talk to as many people as possible to find new people to teach. Today we got together with some of the girls in my old area, Galeana and we watched 17 miracles...I bawled my eyes out, haha...I think I was the only one too...*awkward* anyways, It´s a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.

We´re teaching this one family that has a pet goat, it´s name is Silvia and she´s amazing. I don´t know what´s up with the area, but there are a lot of goats hanging out around here.

I cut my hair last week but was too ashamed to send any pictures, haha! Although the ends were damaged, I kept it long because it kept my neck safe from the sun...there´s nothing like a Mexican sun to turn you brown...anyways, I still keep my hair down, for protection, but it´s definitely shorter, I have time to let it grow out though.

Last Saturday we had a baptizm....sort of ...we received a reference from some missionaries of a girl in our area that wanted to be baptized and already had the majority of the lessons....so we taught her for 3 days...she had her interview and everything with us and 2 days before they told us that she belonged to another ward because the division line was on her street and one side went to our ward and the other to another ward....it was nice to see her get baptized though haha, she´s a great girl and she´ll definitely be an example for her family.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

So I realized I haven´t really included anything about my area in Mexico...I´m in an area that´s called Chilpancingo...I´m in the ward ´La Obrera´ (at the end of this transfer I would have been here in the ward for 6 months). We basically eat twice a day...we eat in the morning in our house and again at 3pm in the house of a member. They always feed us tons so we don´t really ever eat dinner...we eat at night on the rare occasion that the members give us normal portion sizes..

Last week my companion fainted after eating! It was really hot and she hadnt been drinking enough water...we went to the doctor the next day and the doctor then told her she had to lose weight! It was funny because now anytime we´re eating something sugary we always think about what the doctor would say if she was there! haha!

Also...we´re going to be together for a third transfer and that´s okay with me because we get along great. There are just some companions that are easier to ´click´ with.

Oh, something that I forgot to mention, well two things...ever since I arrived in Mexico and I tell someone I´m from Pennsylvania, they automatically say ¨Oh...like Dracula and the vampires!¨ (like it was their own joke...lol) but I just laugh like it was the first time and humor them haha, I´m such a horrible person. Also, the people here love to drizzle hot sauce on their fruit...especially on mangos...so I´ve been eating a lot of spicy fruit...not really desirable,but it´s definitely been an adventure.

Humberto and Brisnie probably aren´t going to be progressing as we´d hoped...Humberto didn´t do too well in his interview and it´s just been really hard for him to commit, but we´ll have to see if he decides to keep going.

So we had a miracle the other day....It´s a girl that´s been going to another ward and we finally met with her (other sisters in our zone told us that she was in our area) and she almost got baptized on Saturday!) It was crazy.....we probably spent 3 hours on Friday and 3 more hours on Saturday morning talking to her--clearing up all her doubts about polygamy and a bunch of other stuff that she read online....*face palm* and we´re still not sure what ward she belongs too...I´m sure we´ll get that figured out this week though..I hope youre all doing awesome!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday Jose Enrique got baptized and Sunday he was confirmed. If everyone could just be a little bit more like him, the world would be so much better. He is literally the purest, more innocent person I have ever had the pleasure to met. He´s so tiny too, but he´s 9, although it´s a little unbelievable. His kid has been such an example to me. His parents died when he was little in an accident and he just has his grandfather that he calls his dad. He lives in the most humblest conditions and doesnt have much, but when he does have is a killer smile...and when he prayers everyone ends in tears, I can´t believe it. We´re also working with another boy, his name is Richi...he´s the one in the posing picture with the cool shoes, and we´ll have to see if we can get him to come to church. Humberto has his baptizmal interview this week and will be getting baptized Friday if everything works out alright.


So last Monday we went to Walmart and I almost cried as we left because I actually left like I was in the states, it was the weirdest feeling ever...Walmart isn´t even that out of the ordinary. I´m pretty sure I´m going to have adjusting problems when I get back to the U.S. But that´s okay, my Mexican experience is awesome. It is definitely the biggest adventure of my life.

Humberto, our star investigator ended up drinking at a party and we retaught him about the Word of Wisdom and we had to schedule another baptismal date with him for the 12th of July. I´m pretty sure he felt really bad about drinking so he picked some roses for my companion and I, haha! Seriously, Humberto is something else..He knows that he isn´t changing his life for us but he says that we´ve become such a huge part of the change that he wanted to get us flowers! haha!

The 12th is the same date as Jose Enrique, my best bud, who is one of the smartest kids I know, regardless of the fact that he isn´t going to school. My companion and I always end up crying whenever he prays! He and his cousin always run through the bathroom and into the baptismal font whenever we go to church, they are crazy haha. We get along so well!

We also have this girl that travels 45 minutes in the combi ¨shifty white mini van--public transporte¨ to accompany us while we visit people. Her name is liliana and seriously, we get along great. I finally think that I´ve finally I´ve been able to get my Spanish to a decent level that I can actually joke and get people to know me a little bit more....for example...last week my companion told me I had a devil inside me and it was hilarious..I don´t remember what I said, but it was funny.