Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday Jose Enrique got baptized and Sunday he was confirmed. If everyone could just be a little bit more like him, the world would be so much better. He is literally the purest, more innocent person I have ever had the pleasure to met. He´s so tiny too, but he´s 9, although it´s a little unbelievable. His kid has been such an example to me. His parents died when he was little in an accident and he just has his grandfather that he calls his dad. He lives in the most humblest conditions and doesnt have much, but when he does have is a killer smile...and when he prayers everyone ends in tears, I can´t believe it. We´re also working with another boy, his name is Richi...he´s the one in the posing picture with the cool shoes, and we´ll have to see if we can get him to come to church. Humberto has his baptizmal interview this week and will be getting baptized Friday if everything works out alright.



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