Thursday, July 24, 2014

So I realized I haven´t really included anything about my area in Mexico...I´m in an area that´s called Chilpancingo...I´m in the ward ´La Obrera´ (at the end of this transfer I would have been here in the ward for 6 months). We basically eat twice a day...we eat in the morning in our house and again at 3pm in the house of a member. They always feed us tons so we don´t really ever eat dinner...we eat at night on the rare occasion that the members give us normal portion sizes..

Last week my companion fainted after eating! It was really hot and she hadnt been drinking enough water...we went to the doctor the next day and the doctor then told her she had to lose weight! It was funny because now anytime we´re eating something sugary we always think about what the doctor would say if she was there! haha!

Also...we´re going to be together for a third transfer and that´s okay with me because we get along great. There are just some companions that are easier to ´click´ with.

Oh, something that I forgot to mention, well two things...ever since I arrived in Mexico and I tell someone I´m from Pennsylvania, they automatically say ¨ Dracula and the vampires!¨ (like it was their own but I just laugh like it was the first time and humor them haha, I´m such a horrible person. Also, the people here love to drizzle hot sauce on their fruit...especially on I´ve been eating a lot of spicy fruit...not really desirable,but it´s definitely been an adventure.

Humberto and Brisnie probably aren´t going to be progressing as we´d hoped...Humberto didn´t do too well in his interview and it´s just been really hard for him to commit, but we´ll have to see if he decides to keep going.

So we had a miracle the other day....It´s a girl that´s been going to another ward and we finally met with her (other sisters in our zone told us that she was in our area) and she almost got baptized on Saturday!) It was crazy.....we probably spent 3 hours on Friday and 3 more hours on Saturday morning talking to her--clearing up all her doubts about polygamy and a bunch of other stuff that she read online....*face palm* and we´re still not sure what ward she belongs too...I´m sure we´ll get that figured out this week though..I hope youre all doing awesome!

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