Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This week has been a little sad, but it´s been good too. Saint James had his birthday and so nobody was home....I think we had 2 days where we only visited 2 people...although we walked a bunch! We´re working hard and we´re trying to talk to as many people as possible to find new people to teach. Today we got together with some of the girls in my old area, Galeana and we watched 17 miracles...I bawled my eyes out, haha...I think I was the only one too...*awkward* anyways, It´s a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.

We´re teaching this one family that has a pet goat, it´s name is Silvia and she´s amazing. I don´t know what´s up with the area, but there are a lot of goats hanging out around here.

I cut my hair last week but was too ashamed to send any pictures, haha! Although the ends were damaged, I kept it long because it kept my neck safe from the sun...there´s nothing like a Mexican sun to turn you brown...anyways, I still keep my hair down, for protection, but it´s definitely shorter, I have time to let it grow out though.

Last Saturday we had a baptizm....sort of ...we received a reference from some missionaries of a girl in our area that wanted to be baptized and already had the majority of the lessons....so we taught her for 3 days...she had her interview and everything with us and 2 days before they told us that she belonged to another ward because the division line was on her street and one side went to our ward and the other to another ward....it was nice to see her get baptized though haha, she´s a great girl and she´ll definitely be an example for her family.


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