Monday, August 4, 2014

I´m in a new area everybody! I got a call Friday night at 10:40 and they told me to pack my bags because I was going to Morelos, Cuernavaca--I was at the bus station at 7:30am the next day and I came to my new area! I´m in an area that´s called,¨Pradera¨ and there are definitely some interesting things about the situation...first of all...we don´t live in our area! We have to take 2 buses to get to our apartment from our area (but I´m pretty sure it´s for safety reasons), and our house only has water from 8pm to 10pm....We´re showering with buckets again

(I taught my companion how to do it lol she has 6 months in the mission and she´s always had hot running area in her areas...ha! The mission never has hot water and the majority of the time there´s not water lol--but I´m totally use to it by now, I offically have 9 months in the mission!)

We´ve got to do a hefty cleaning on the house because the other people left it pretty bad...but it´s okay,everyday is another day in the mission, which is offically the biggest adventure of my life.

Yesterday I stepped in a huge pile of doggie new companion is from Vegas, she seems pretty cool, and I offically weighted myself and I´ve lost a decent amount of weight!

I love serving a mission, it´s actually pretty stressful, but it has it´s spiritual moments our district leader taught us what it was to have perfect faith and that faith requires action. We made plans to make our area even better and we are going to work really hard this next week to see if we can find our way around (we´re both new to the area and it´s pretty big...but we made it to church on Sunday so that´s a start!) I finished reading the book of mormon too! The 65 day challenge ended today and I´m actually surprised I finished on time, haha! Miracles are real!

I love you guys!

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