Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey everyone! Well my Columbian companion and I haven´t gotten too lost yet and we can communicate just fine! I think the mission president´s wife was a little worried for me though because I received a call from her this morning asking how we were doing lol ¨I´m doing just fine Hermana Kusch!¨ haha! She´s great :D

My companion and I are super different but we are a great companionship. She´s serious and strict and ...I´m serious (sometimes)...but I love to have fun the end of her training with me she´ll be a fun machine!

It´s super hot here and we walk a ton, but we both are dedicated to the work so we´re hoping to see lots of great things happen in our area.

There are a few people in particular who we´re teaching but it´s hard for them to attend church because they work on the weekend to provide for they´re families. I think if everyone hadSunday´s off missionary work would be a little bit easier lol

I also ate more crickets yesterday. I didn´t want to offend anymore Mexicans so I just pulled off the legs and stomached them like a pro, haha! They´re not that bad...they´re just not my favorite thing in the world lol

Until next week!

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