Monday, February 3, 2014

First off...I received a call from the Assistants to the Mission President a few days ago. There are two assistants and they`re great, but I always have this lingering feeling that some huge change is going to happen whenever we receive a call from them because a lot of American girls are going to start coming and this means a lot of new changes. They told me that I`d be traveling to Cuernavaca for a meeting with all the other girls that were going to train! I think I experienced a little bit of shock in this moment.... Two days afterwards I was sitting in the meeting and all the faces of the girls who were going to come popped up on the screen. The President then started telling us who would be paired with who and where they`d be serving. All the blonde American girls keep passing! I was waiting for my Utah companion to pop up on the screen, but they all passed by! Then at the very end the President announced my name and told me I`d be training a girl from Columbia...COLUMBIA....I just finished 3 months from the time that I`ve left my house and I`m incharge of a Columbian in foreigners and a trainer who`s English isn`t as good as it could be haha. I guess we`ll see how this goes. Tomorrow I`ll be heading to Cuernavaca again tomorrow on a bus and I`ll bring her back to our area in Chilpancingo, Galeana. Let the adventure begin! haha!

Until next week!

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