Monday, February 17, 2014

Well this week has sure been interesting. My ´daughter´ (The girl I´m training) Started her mission in Columbia and all the rules of how things are done is different...It´s been a roller coaster for sure. We´ve also called our leaders more than once to confirm things that I try to tell her but she doesn´t believe me! Ugh the frustration...but we´re working hard here in our area. It´s not easy training someone but I´m trying my best. It´s a little frustrating because 1. Spanish is not my native language...and 2. My companion has like no trust in my yup. We´ll see how next week goes.

I received some great news though! Last week someone told me that a couple who I meet and taught in my last area are going to get married and are going to get baptized! Woohoo! The work continues! This gave me a little bit of motivation to keep going. Serving a mission is definitely one of the hardest things I´ve done in my life but I really am trying to give it my all. I only have a little bit of time to write this week but next week I´ll write more, I promise, I love you all!

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