Sunday, October 5, 2014

This week was amazing, Fabiola, Tomás ´s wife was baptized on Saturday and it was amazing seeing them both dressed in white in the baptizmal font. Tomás also gave a talk on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting about love and he´s just hilarious. He told everything that my companion and I are cruel because we told him he had to stop drinking coffee ....he then later mentioned how I told him that he should just make his coffee and addition to the garden. I love this family.

We´ve been seeing so many miracles and everything has to do with the family. The gospel is meant to bring families together and create more family unity in the home. I can´t wait to have my own famiy home evenings one day....the kids will be making the lessons and I´ll be in charge of the treat, ha!I love Mexican food, but I definitely think that the United States wins in the dessert category.

So my district lead is pretty funny, he´s from Mexico and he told me I have a Mexican look alike ¨Memo Ochoa¨ who is a soccer player and when I saw his curly hair I just laughed.

I watched the Women´s Conference on Saturday and it was amazing. I loved the focus there was on the temple and on the family too. I can´t wait until this weekend....General Conference is one of the best things ever and my companion and I are going to Walmart after we´re done writing to buy some Conference´ve gotta have Conference Cookies.

Serving a mission is nothing like I would have ever imagined...I never thought I´d get upset if someone didn´t go to church or if someone didn´t want to pray, that wasn´t any of my business...but now that I´m on the other side of it...the missionary´s a little sad and disappointing when the people don´t want to give it a chance or just don´t care. There are ups and downs to living the missionary life, but It´s definitely worth it.

(Memo Ocha)

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