Monday, September 22, 2014

Okay so this week was interesting because we ended up going to an investigators house (the one that had told us her daughter was a prophet) and we ended up having an intersting discussion on what it means for a church and religion to have authority to do things like baptize. She also ended up telling us how she knew that her daughter was called by God because she had healed so many people and....shortly after that we just ended up leaving (but we left on good terms) but we could definitely see that no one was getting anywhere in the discussion and we also felt really strange being there, because we knew that what the daughter was doing wasn`t from God.

We were also able to meet with Fabiola (the wife of Tomas) and it was such a miracle to see her because she`s usually always working, but we just decided to pop in. She told us that she wanted to be baptized too and we were able to teach her about Tithing and also about the Word of Wisdom! She`s going to be baptized on Saturday :) I`m so happy to have had the opportunity to help this family because they all have righteous desires and one day they`re going to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. I think this is probably the best part of the mission---helping people along this journey.

The 16th was Mexican`s Independence Day and we had to be home early last Monday because the people here love to celebrate! haha! We were able to go to a ward activity (only for an hour though :( on Friday ) to celebrate and it was SO MUCH FUN. The Mexican people love to dance, eat and just have a good time and I loved being there. Eder (one of Tomas`s sons) also did a traditional dance from the state of Guerrero called ¨La Iguana¨ and it was so awesome.

Eder was also able to be baptized on Saturday by Tomas and this was just such a great day. He has wanted to be baptized for over a month and to see him dressed in white was amazing. He told us afterwards that Heavenly Father had touched his heart and that`s why he wanted to be baptized :) I love this family!

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