Monday, September 15, 2014

So basically my week can be summed up in 3 events.

1) The hospital
2) A baptism
3) Reactivating Margarita

On Monday and Tuesday I was feeling sort of bad, but I just ignored it because I guess that´s what I just do...and then Wednesday came rolling around and I wasn´t doing too great and we returned home at 1:30 and I just slept all day...then Thursday happened and I slept for 19 hours without moving, and on Friday we went to the hospital because I had this weird pain on my right side. They did some blood work and a few other tests and told me that I´d be fine. Apparently what I had was a kidney infection (what? I drink boatloads of water) and they put me on some medicine. I was really glad it wasn´t anything more because I was super exhausted and just ill all week. I´m glad that´s over with though; being sick is the worst. My companion was awesome through it all--she wrote me a poem and made me a quesadilla!

Helen was baptized! Woop woop! She´s the wife of Edgar, one of the two men that got baptized 3 weeks ago and he was able to do the ordenence because he had been ordained to the office of Priest. I can´t wait to see this family sealed in the temple in a year. They´re gong strong and I can´t see them falling away, I love this family. They are literally the best. (Just as a sidenote, the baptizm happened 2 hours after we had gotten home from spending the whole day at the hospital).

Margarita is an awesome lady. We went to search her out because we had found her name in the directory and she has been inactive for over 10 years. She has some really hard family problems, and didn´t even want to accept us in her home, but we sang a hymn and got her to feel Heavenly Father´s love. She has so much hate in her heart and it was nice being able to talk to her and get to know her story a little more. After we had gotten to know her a bit, my companion stayed and kept comforting her while I went to the kitchen. She had over a weeks worth of dishes and I was there for over an hour, but I definitely am glad for this opportunity that we had to serve her and get to know her. I hope she´ll come to general conference with us (3 weeks!!!) and that she´ll start coming back to church. She just feels really lonely and I can´t wait to see her as an active member of the church again.

I love you all and I hope you have a great day!
Today is Mexico´s Independence Day--we have to be in by 6pm, ¡Viva Mexico!

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