Thursday, September 11, 2014

So I realize that I have sort of been neglecting my blog....I´m just not use to writing about what I do I guess...anyways, the mission continues in Mexico and I have come to the conclusion of how to get along with your companion....Back massages and making their bed really helps! haha! But seriously, it totally works so I´d definitely recommend it to people! Our area is pretty big, it´s in the ¨Pradera, Cuernavaca¨ ward and the area reaches up to the state of Mexico. It´s a large area, but I feel like every missionary says that their area is huge, so maybe I just shouldnt say anything haha!

So two days ago we ended up teaching a family and they told us that they held the church services in their I turned to the guy who was there and asked if he was the Pastor...and he pointed to his sister and told us she was their then turned to me and started telling me how that the Spirit was telling her that I was a really obedient person and that God was really happy with my efforts...(what? that´s weird haha, but I am a decently obedient person) So we talked to them about the Priesthood and about Christ´s ministry and about the Restoration of the gospel. They seemed pretty interested and theyre going to come to church next week! woohoo!!

We also have this creepy Jewish guy in our area that sometimes comes out of his construction site to ask us to make tortillas for him! haha! Seriously, it´s so funny! I just laugh about it and we leave. He´s an interesting man for sure.

This week I think Eder and Helen are going to be baptized, they are the son and the daughter in law of Tomas, the man who was baptized about 3 weeks ago. They were going to be baptized last Saturday but something came up in his work so he wasn´t able to, but that´s okay, theyre pretty excited!

We´re also teaching someone named Alberto. He is great and he´s progressing slowly but steadily. He is afraid of committments and doesn´t like to promise anything but he tries his best to live a good life. He also stopped drinking coffee when we told him about the Word of Wisdom! Yes!

There is a lot of culture in Mexico; Independence Day is coming up and everyone is going crazy! haha! I love it though! I think today we´re going to go to a Fair that´s pretty close to our house. It should be really fun and I think they have special ¨Mexican Fair bread¨ I´m gonna have to check that out :P I seriously miss making bread with my dad during conference time, I think I´m going to go into shock whenever I finally get home and just go on a cooking spree, haha!

It´s been raining a boatload....ha ha... okay anyways, it rains A LOT. Sometimes I ask my companion if she thinks it´s a ´boot day´ (on boot days I wear my black boots out) and whenever I don´t bring them it always I think I should just always bring them haha.

Also, something that I love about Mexico is that my two pairs of shoes where basically worn through. They had no heel and the sides were peeling off....but there are little shoe shops all over the place and for about $15 I was able to fix them up and they look just like new! Yes!!

I love you all and hope youre doing great!


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