Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 1~ "ya tu sabe mami, ya tu sabe!"

Hey everyone! I've been at the MTC for a few days now and it sure is something else! I'm on the West Campus that use to be Wyview but it's all Spanish speaking missionaries so it's great. My companion is Hermana Garcia. She's super nice and she actually has family in Cuernavaca Mexico! In my district there are 6 Sisters, no Elders, but the Elders in our zone are super legit so it's great. The Spirit here is real intense, it's almost demanding. 18 hours of my day are planned and I always have to be with Hermana Garcia, but that's okay because she's super nice and hilarious. I'm glad I'll only have to be here for 2 weeks though because I think anymore would be too much for me, haha! The first day here I was feeling a little overwhelmed I guess because they threw me right into an advanced class with no language training and I could understand 85% of what people were saying, but couldn't respond 'para nada.' It was frustrating and I wasn't the only one who felt that way. With the lack of sleep ( we have 6 girls in a room and we have breakfast at 6:30) it's definitely stressful. I have actually seen 4 of the girls in my group crying. The combination of the Spirit and the preplanned day and all the classes really can get to you. I'm in class for literally 10 hours a day, learning how to invite others to Christ and learning so many things. It really hit me that my job as a missionary isn't the preach or to teach, but it's to invite others to feel that peace and love that Christ has for us. The Spanish is slowly coming. One of the other girls in my group, Hermana Urbina and I have this saying that we always say in our most typical latina accents "ya tu sabe mami, ya tu sabe!" It basically means "you know it!" I love it hear and we definitely know how to have a good time. I didn't bring a coat to Utah because I figured I'd be in Utah for only 10 days and I wouldn't need one, because Mexico is so nice! But Hermana Urbina is letting me use her raincoat in the meantime because I was too prideful to find room for a coat in my suitcase. I think I'm leaving next week to meet the Mexican Embassy somewhere (they'll probably fly me to Vegas) but the travel office here at the MTC isn't giving me very much information so I'll have too keep you guys updated. I may have to go stateside for 6 weeks if I can't get a visa soon. Anyways, I need to get going, but I love you all. Also, I received the journal from Sister Foltyn! (shout out!) but I haven't gotten any letters! Come on people! haha! Just kidding ;) You guys are great :)
 Kristen going into the MTC

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