Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 1 (part 2)

Ok so I finally have some time to write a letter! I only have 1 hour a week on the computer so letters are definitely the best way of communication.

Right now my companion is Hermana Garcia and she is Mexican. We're going to get along great. During her introduction during zone conference  each other (a zone is made up of a few districts-- there are 6 Hermanas in my district) she said she liked to "romper las reglas" (break the rules". But seriously, for the most part we're really good to each other.For example, sometimes she makes my bed unexpectedly! Or i'll plan out certain things she needs to do. It really isn't too bad. The only annoying part is sometimes all the girls in the district want to do everything together and I don't necessarily like waiting for every girl to primp herself, hey! I guess it's time for me to learn patience!

The girls in my district are overall very nice. There's one blonde girl in the group, who was automatically nicknamed "Hermana Blancita" (who i'm legitimately worried about because she'll be right on the border and her Spanish is a little tough). The only nickname I've received as of yet is "Hermana Barrio" (which is just Ward in Spanish).

My teacher really wants us to commit to learning the language since we are technically in advanced class. He expects 95%-100% Spanish communication in and out of class which is a nice goal... I actually gave it a shot; but caved at like 11 am. It's just frustrating to know what you want to say and almost how to say it, but you can't express your exact emotions. It definitely can get a little frustrating especially when people speak super fast.

My favorite part of the day is the little bit we get 3 times a week for gym time, There aren't too many things the Elders and Sisters can do together , but volleyball is an option. The sisters are great, but a lot of them don't like to be outside, or do anything active). Apparently you're not supposed to dive in the sand or go down on your knees, but this one time I couldn't help it and I had an epic dive.It was a legitimate dive too. I actually blacked out for half a second, but it was so great. I thought it was pretty funny when another sister sort of reminded me I shouldn't be doing that-- come on Hermana, no need to be jealous! I didn't tell her that, but that's the conclusion of my companion and I later came up with.

At first it was a little intimidating being with a bunch of fast speaking Mexicans and Latinos, but the first week has really been good for me. One of the girls in my district and I can pull off the 'sassy stereotypical' latinas pretty well.

I'm currently on a flight out of Salt Lake City to Las Vegas to meet with a member of the Mexican Consulate to get my visa. Other people have tried getting visas before, but the Mexican government isn't cooperating very well. For example, I was informed I'd have to catch a bus at 4:30 AM this morning... I hope someone actually comes to meet me in Vegas for my Visa, The other missionaries and I are going like to joke about just hitting the strip and discontinuing our missions. The other missionaries are super fun and we have a good time. If everything goes as planned, I should be in Mexico by the time my sister has a chance to upload this message to my blog!

The specific area I'm going to has 3 Mexican states in it, one of which is Morelos, which apparently isn't doing too hot right now. A concerned Mexican lady at the airport today told me she was from Morelos and that I definitely needed to watch out. I can't wait. As long as you don't do anything dumb there shouldn't be any need to worry.

I love you all!

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