Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello everyone! I´m in Mexico! I left Provo yesterday at 2:30 in the morning and had a layover in Texas and now I´m here! It has been a little crazy...I´m in a companionship with two sisters, one from Guatemala and one from Mexico. They don´t speak English... It´s time to learn, and fast. 
I´ll be teaching them English a little bit every morning and they´ll help me with my Spanish, so it should be an adventure! 
Today my mission president and wife gave a little lesson on safety in Mexico regarding traffic and potential kidnapping....yeah..but I should be alright.
So I´m in the state of Morelos, the apparently dangerous one that a lady at the airport told me to stay away from, lol. But I´m here! When I looked my mission up on google images it was very deceiving because I am not in Cuernavaca- the land of eternal spring...haha. I´ll be washing my clothes in a tub and there isn´t hot water! Time to rough it up! It doesn´t really bother me but one of the girls I¨m living with says she can´t shower without hot water so this should be interesting... both girls speak perfect spanish but they don´t understand english at all. Its been a little frustrating honestly. I can get a basic point across and  for the most part understand what people are saying but It´s difficult to express exactly how I feel in the way I want to say sometimes I sound like a little girl when I try to speak, but I´ll embrace it. lol. 
So the best way to say in contact with me is honestly through letters, but letters that are sent to the mission office address. I´ll get them once a month and then respond as soon as possible. If you guys decide to send letters or packages please put pictures of the Virgin Mary or Jesus on whatever your sending. If you don´t I probably won´t get it in all honestly. The Mexicans like to sift throught the mail but won´t if you put a religious picture on it ;D Gotta learn the tricks. 
I´m going to miss my zone at the MTC a lot. We all got super close in the 12 days we had together, and we all got along great for the most part. The majority where Latinos and we all knew how to have a great time.
Everyone...I´m going to return fat. It´s inevitable. The food here is spectacular and people like to feed you. I need to watch out though because I didn´t drink the water here, but I brushed my teeth with it without thinking too much of it and I got sort of sick. So now I know. 
I love the people already, especially the kids, they´re amazing. The people are so kind, but they know I´m from the USA, it´s inevitable to avoid. Hopefully I´ll get an accent soon enough and be able to speak well enough to keep them guessing where I´m from. I can speak fine about my friends, music I like and my hobbies, but when I try talking about the church and the gospel it´s a little more difficult because I can´t express myself how I want to , and it´s super annoying. I will learn though. Poco a poco con tiempo. 
Oh I had a birthday! Heckka yes, 20 here I come. My district bought me cupcakes and we had a party in our apartment, it was great! I also received many letters from people in my zone, but most were in Spanish because they couldn´t speak English, haha. I understand writing way better in Spanish because I can actually think about what I´m saying. 
Anyways, much love and I´ll write again next week! :D

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