Thursday, November 14, 2013

 Our tags!

Hermana Garcia! My first companion! She was so much fun and we taught very well together.  Oh! The place I´m at is called Zapata in the state of Morelos in a city called Cautlan...I think that´s how you spell it. I fell alseep on the bus over here and I woke up to my ears hurting like none other. I honestly have no idea where they dropped me off either. But I´m pretty happy, I live for adventure so bring it on.
 That picture of the 6 girls in red was for my birthday...I love that color so we all found something that matched that and wore district also bought me cupcakes! they're amazing.

This was our saying in our means,you know it! But you gotta say it with all the latina sass you can muster.

Some of my best friends at the mtc. One elder is Peruvian and the other is straight from Puerto Rico! Elder Padilla and Elder Pagan.

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