Monday, November 18, 2013

This is the picture of my mission president and wife! They were way excited to see me and the other 3 girls! We´re the first 4 girls from the United States to enter this specific part of Mexico! How exciting! :D

This first week in mexico has definitely been something else. I´m in a trio with 2 other girls, neither of which speak English. Oh the frustration! My dictionary has become my new best friend! We all get along decently well except one doesn´t really like to share...haha! I´m all up for sharing groceries ect, but my one companion doesn´t like to do that, but then later asks to eat my food that I suggested we share in the first place..haha! Oh my companions...haha.

I´m not going to lie, this is not easy. it´s frustrating not being able to express myself how I´d like. A lot of the words I did learn from my Peruvian family don´t work here in´s quite depressing actually. It´s also annoying not being able to say what I want to say during a lesson because I either don´t know the words or don´t know how to format it.Yesterday in a lesson a lady actually told me my pronunciation was super bad...I´m learning ok?! Ugh! I wanted to fight her, haha But I just kept my cool pretending it was alright. I understand my pronunciation could use some work, but to ask me to say certain words and then tell me how bad it sounds when I speak? Really? We´re going to visit her again this week , I´ll try to have kinder feelings towards her this time. haha.

A lot of comforts of home are gone...I wash a lot of things by hand and the water works when it wants to...and the place we wash our clothes is the home to birds..Oh the adventure! It doesn´t bother me too much though, I think it bothers my companions more.

One thing I can do is teach people English...I´ve helped some people learn a few things and I´m also trying to teach them some of the language. It´s really humbling because although my Spanish is horrible, I know I´ll eventually learn. I´m there only source to learn English. Yesterday we learned the alphabet and counting. We´re literally learning two languages together.

It´s super important to be nice to your companions because you´re together all the time! If something is bothering them I have a technique...I offer to give them a massage and then when they´re relaxed they tell me what´s wrong and I can then figure out how to help them. I´m a Psych major...I know what to do! haha! But seriously, my companion in the MTC was way nice to me, now it´s time to return the favor.

One thing that´s hard is that there are a lot of distractions here! My main distraction is the am I suppose to read the scriptures when there are cars driving by blasting Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce, Maroon 5 ect ? haha! I just want to dance! Sometimes in the street my companion and I dance a little, but only when our trainer isn´t watching...she´s sometimes a stickler.

I´ve been learning so much and I´m glad for this opportunity I have to bring others closer to Christ.

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