Monday, November 25, 2013

And then there were of the girls in our trio had to go home for some medical problems. So now it´s just me and my trainer. It´s definitely more difficult with just two people, but I´ll just to get adjusted to it. We get along just fine, it´s just difficult sometimes because of the language barrier to say what we want to say. And it´s definitely hard to express myself. But I am teaching my companion some English phases! Like "I got your back" "food baby"...and also ¨"boy gots skills" jaja! It´s pretty funny, but we´re both learning from each other.

Sometimes in English I can pull off Spanish I´m not funny...haha! But the people in the Ward I´m serving in love me for some reason! haha! The little kids think it´s way cool that I can raise my eyebrows pretty fast and the people love the curls! Oh! One lady in the ward gave me some practices to train my tongue apparently to get the correct accent...after my encounter last week ....She wrote some phrases on a peice of paper and I need to say them with a pencil in my, but I´ll do anything to learn the accent. I´ve also been studying like crazy, I´m so inpatient with myself, I want to be able to speak now, but like everyone keeps telling me, with time it´ll come. I hope that´s the case!

Yesterday I taught a lesson in the middle of a dirt road to two little boys. We sat on peices of cardboard and sang a hymn and had a lesson. What a humbling experience, really. I now better understand the American Dream. I´ve come to realize that I took a lot of things for granted in the States, I mean, who doesn´t like to have nice things? But now I better understand what I really need in my life.

I also ate a cricket this week! It was sort of gross, but hey, it´s the mission! What are you gonna do? haha!

Oh and we came across some Jehovah´s Witnesses in the street. They knew their Bible! The laundrymat man behind us was egging us on for a Bible Bash, which was pretty funny, but we just listened to what they had to say and we accepted their phamplet they gave us...but they wouldn´t accept our phamplet when we tried to share it! haha! ugh! Some people, lol. It was a pretty funny experience.

Oh! So I don´t know if I already included this in a previous message, but my feet were killing me the other my companions and I went to a shoe store on the side of the road asking around for Dr Scholl inserts or something, and that experience definitely makes the top ten of funny experiences in my life...I couldn´t get any of the people I talked to to understand what I was asking for! Oh the frustration...eventually it got decently bad so we had to get premission to go to Walmart which is about an hour away from us in a ´combi´ basically a mini van find some type of shoe insert...I don´t think Dr Scholl´s exist in Mexico. 
I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving! The Christmas count down begins!
 Nachhhhooo!! ( elote's!)

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