Monday, December 2, 2013

Well, my companion and I are trying to find a new place to live. We have an angry mal tempered neighbor... I have opened the door to her yelling in her fierce latina accent about how my companion and I use all the water. There are two problems... one that our shower head always drips water and we can do nothing to stop it. The other is that there is a lever outside our apartment that we need to pull to fill the tank on the roof but we never know when to pull it again (to stop the flow of water) and the neighbor thinks we always are wasting it or overfilling the tank so it pours out. Hopefully by January we´ll have a new place. There´s also the slightest chance that she´s anti Mormon...but that´s ok, we just try to be nice to her.

After every lesson my companion and I teach we offer to help the person with anything they may need help with. One lady actually accepted our offer! The next day we went to help her clean her kitchen. Something I´ve noticed about the area that I´m in is that the people don´t use paper towel to clean...they don´t use chemicals either! I´m pretty decent at the U.S, but here I found myself a little clueless. I spent twice the amount of time trying to clean her kitchen as I would have in the U.S. because I had less to work with. The people here use dishwasher powder to clean almost everything, it´s actually quite interesting...I did swipe two napkins off her table to do some deep cleaning on a griddle. (Shh!) It´s not that the way the people clean here is bad, it´s just different to what I´m use to.

The members in the ward here want me to start giving English lessons! I´ve never taught English before so this should be an interesting experience. If anyone has any advice shoot me a message because I´m a little clueless to be honest. I´ve been trying to teach my companion some English but whenever I say anyhing It´s like I´m speaking Japanese, and it goes right over her head. With time, hopefully we´ll both learn each other´s languages.

So Tuesday we went to teach a less active member of the church (there are about 900 members in our area, but less than 100 are active so we´ve been visiting a lot of inactives trying to get them back to church) and she told us that she wouldn´t be able to go to church because she needed to find a job on the weekends to provide for her family. Well I don´t know why, but I promised her (in my shoddy Spanish) that if she made a commit to attend church with her family with faith in Christ.....that she´s be able to find employment....I left her house feeling extremely responsible for this lady! My companion and I have been fasting and praying for her and her family.

I´ve never fasted or prayed this much in my life. I think in the three weeks I´ve been here I´ve fasted with my companion 3 times already, each for 24 hours! This really is the Lord´s work. I´m just here to do what needs to be done. I´m literally in instrument in His hands. Until next week!

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