Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey everybody! First off I´d like to thank everybody for all the birthday wishes, I had AN AWESOME birthday...I¨m not even kidding....There were like 6 cakes in total and lots of hugs and even confetti..we ate with Lucy and Alberto...then we went to the Pintor´s ....and then we went to pick up some pancakes that someone had made us! (We ate them this morning and they were delicious) . The young woman at church also sang a song during the 3rd hour and it was great. I had an excelent day.

On the 7th we had Zone Conference and we were about 90 missionaries and we had the opportunity to listen to our mission president and we talked about how we can receive inspiration as to what we need to ask our investigators to get them thinking...they´re called ¨inspired questions.¨ We did this activity with all the missionaries and we were all in one room and the President gave us an example of a family and their certain needs and situation and then he´d pick 2 missionaries (a companionship) and ask them to sit and talk to another companionship (who were playing the role of the family) ...but as soon as the missionaries thought of what they were going to say, the President told them something else and totally changed the situation so then they were left to think of inspired questions to ask the missionaies pretending to be the family members. It was awesome to watch, but I´m sure glad my companion and I werent chosen, ha!

We also did skits! It was pretty funny....we did the skit of ¨The Fourth Little Pig¨ and I like these skits because the Latinos read the lines and the people from the states act.....I was assigned the role of ¨the wolve¨ and that we pretty fun because we changed the story a little bit and I was ¨the big bad Elder Wolf¨....ya...anyways, it was pretty funny because at the end I end up getting married to my companion ¨the 4th pig¨ I had such a great time, but I´m glad it´s over lol and I´m glad we only had to do it once haha.

We also had a baptism! His name is Greco and I know that I havent written much about our investigators...I could really improve on that but yeah, he was baptized on Saturday and he´s adorable...he´s 9 and he´s always like ¨ this like a review? Because I already know all this stuff¨ He´s been going to church for years, but his parents just gave him permission to be baptized...and they came to the baptism too! He was a little sad though because he had broken his arm 3 days beforehand and thought that he wouldnt be able to be baptized...but a little cast doesnt stop us missionaries, lol his grandma actually did it, but she was able to put his little arm in a sling and wrap everything up in plastic wrap so it wouldnt get wet. Greco is really amazing. He has his piggy bank and he´s saving up to go on a mission too!

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