Saturday, November 29, 2014

This week has been insane! Seriously...ok well to start off we weren´t allowed to go out the 22nd because it´s a Mexican holiday and apparently in Mexico city there was a huge riot, but everything was just calm and dandy here in La Pradera so we just stayed home and planned because it was a Thursday...that means weekly planning...It was a little interesting because with all the weird area changes we had to split up our area and do our own divisions. I´m staying with Sister Durham for another change and it´s going to be awesome because we will be able to celebrate her birthday together and have Christmas with the ward and the ward members love us! haha! It´s great! I can´t believe I only have 4 changes left....CRAZY. I still feel like I´m brand new here in the mission and sometimes I feel like I still don´t know what I´m doing lol but it´s time to kick it into high speed because I don´t have much time left!

Oh Lucy...okay so her baptismal date was on Saturday...but ..she didn´t get´s okay though because like she says, she´ll do it someday, last Saturday just wasn´t her day. We even fasted with her and everything...what she was looking for was a solid answer and after the fast she told us that she got it and that she knew that the church was true...she just didn´t want to get baptized. That´s okay though because we´re going to keep teaching her every once and awhile and we´ll she what she says in a few weeks...

It was really interesting fasting with her though because while we were fasting we were able to find and contact a lot of awesome people! Heavenly Father has literally places wonderful people in our path and I´m so grateful for this opportunity that I have to help them get to know about God´s plan for them.

Cesar is another one of our investigators and has a baptismal date for the 6th of December and he is truly ready to be baptized. He was a reference from his mom and he has known the church for several years. He literally told us that nothing was going to stop him from taking this step in his life because he knows that it´s true. He´s 33 and he says that if Christ was baptized at 33 then he should do it too! He always makes us laugh and I can´t wait to see him dressed in white. He asked us if there would be an opportunity to grow in the church and develop his talents too because he really loves teaching. Sister Durham and I looked at each other and just laughted because that is EXACTLY the type of people we´re looking for! For people that want to contribute and grow in the gospel of Christ. We told him that he´d be able to have a calling in the church and that he´d be able to grow spiritually. I´m so excited for him!

We also have another investigator that we contacted in the street, her name is Rosario...she is amazing and she´s been to church twice already and loves the plan of salvation. I love seeing when the investigators understand that there really is a plan and that God really does know them. I love it! Her little boy turned 2 on Saturday and we brought them little hostees cupcakes and a little candle with a 2 on it! I really love this family and I heard her other son Danet say ¨ Mom...I really loved Primary...when can we come back?¨ That was really a hilight of my week. I can´t wait to see him in a few year preaching the gospel as a missionary.

On Saturday we were able to have a really great experience with the young men and young women in the stake. All the missionaries went out and we were split into groups where we were able to contact people in the streets and it´s something that as a missionary, I do everyday, but it was great seeing them sharing their testimonies with the people. I loved it.

The mission isn´t easy and it definitely isn´t anything that I expected, but I´m loving every minute of it! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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