Sunday, December 14, 2014

Right now I´m at Tepoztlan and it´s AWESOME. I just climbed the mountain with one of my companions Hermana Gongora and we did it in 1 hour and everyone was like ¨take 2 hours...¨ ha! It was way worth it too. I´m so glad we went, I´ve been wanting to go forever!! We climbed up and there were these little muskrats up there...sort of like Timon in the Lion King....we gave them water and they totally attacked Hermana Gongora´s bag because she had some rits crackers hidden.

On Saturday Cesar Ramirez was baptized! We had a few difficulties with the font but everything turned out alright in the end. Our mission leader told us that this is the Lord´s work and that nothing would stop things from turning out. In the end we got water in the font and Cesar shared a beautiful testimony about how 3 dreams were completed on the day of his baptizm. 1) His mom has always wanted him to join the church 2) He wanted to get baptized by his brother who is inactive right now, but it just so happens that our district leader also has the last name of tecnically he was baptized by his brother! 3) Elder Ramirez always wanted to baptize his dad, but he couldn´t because he was too young...and he promised his family that he could baptize a Ramirez before he got back! What an amazing experience. When he shared his testimony at the end, everyone was in tears because we could feel the spirit. I know that he´ll achieve great things in his life and I´m so happy because I´ve gotten to know him during the mission.

We had a funny experience the other day...My companion and I contacted this man who was sitting on the side of the road with crutches and his swollen ankles all bandaged up. We introduced ourselves and we started talking about our lives and the church.He then started to tell us that he had no money and that it made him sad because he likes to travel but he doesn´t anymore because of his swollen legs...he can´t go anywhere without a taxi nowadays...and then we asked him if we could stop by to visit him because he´s always home and he feel lonely...but then he told us...¨but sometimes I leave..¨...and yeah...that´s mission life for ya.

We also got into this taxi drivers car the other day who had lived for 15 years in Georgia and he was so proud of it too. He shouted ¨ATL!!¨ it was hilarious. He then looked at my companion who has these big beautiful green eyes and asks her ¨What´s your beautiful name?¨HAHA! It was amazing and we basically died laughing.

So we´ve run into a few people that think I´m from Spain..I have no idea why but they usually guess Spain or some Arabic´s pretty funny when I tell them...¨nope...actually I´m from Pennsylvania!¨ haha!

This week was hard because we found no new people to teach...we did everything possible but the holiday season is sort of killing us. We´ve tried making appointments with people but they all say after the 12th (which is the Virgin Mary´s birthday...) and they do something that´s called ¨Rosarios¨ and basically they go from house to house everynight leading up to the 12th praying in front of their Saints and their Virgin´s interesting for sure, but hopefully we´ll be able to talk to some people this week.

Have a great week and I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Spirit!!

Oh! And if you get a chance go on Youtube and watch a 3 minute clip that´s called ¨He is the Gift¨ IT´S AWESOME.

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