Monday, December 22, 2014

The 12th was the birthday of the virgin Mary (I don´t know who decided it was her birthday) and there were A LOT of parties. A LOT. Mexico went a little crazy and it all started the night before. There were a lot of fireworks--although I don´t know if they count as fireworks because they just shoot up in the air and make a banging noise...they don´t even light up!(there was this big castle shaped Christmas lit figure that said ¨Faith in the Mother¨ and that was pretty interesting) and people drinking...but even like that we were able to have some pretty good lessons. The interesting day should be the 24th, which is like the Mexican Christmas...they don´t care about the 25th, but they´re all partying on the 24th so we´ll see how it goes....Last year was pretty dead on the 24th for us, but we have high hopes.

The Pintor family is amazing. They´ve been working on their family history and theyre going to be going on a temple trip to Oaxaca on Thursday (because the Mexico City temple in closed for reparation still) to do baptizms for the dead. Love their family! Seriously.

Yesterday was the Primary program at church and all the kids were super cute and all of them passed up front to say their lines and I totally had Primary day flash backs from when I was up there saying my lines.

We also went to the Stake Christmas Program and the choir sang some songs and I didn´t realize it, but I actually sort of miss my ward´s just sort of homey.

Rosario, her little boy Dante and another investigator David are planning on going to on a ward temple trip to see the Christmas lights at the Mexico City temple and to check out the Visitor Center which apparently is AWESOME. I´ll definitely have to come back someday to check it out, probably when the Pintor family gets sealed, we´ll see.

This Wednesday we´re going to have our Christmas Conference and each district is going to be doing a skit and I was chosen to be Tinkerbell...sooo...we´ll see what kind of a costume we can throw together. My companion is the creative one and I think she has an idea so I´m keeping my fingers crossed!

This will be my second Christmas here in Mexico...weird right? It´s sort of hard being away from my family if I'm being honest with myself, but it´s totally awesome watching other families come together to celebrate this holiday season.

Oh, yesterday was pretty funny...we went to share a lesson with Pepé who is less active, but he was watching the Soccer game and didn´t want to be interrupted..but let us come in and we literally shared him the shortest lesson on patience ever because he was literally getting nervous that the tv wasn´t on, haha!! I kept telling him that the score would still have 0-0 when we turned in back on, but I don´t think he believed me lol

Have a great week!!

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