Monday, December 22, 2014

This week was awesome because we had our Christmas conference. I got to see my old Columbian companions, Hermana Ayala and Hermana Iles! We also had our district turned out a lot better than we would have expected lol and it was pretty awesome getting all dressed up! One of my companions, Hermana Lopez (she´s one of the 8 sisters in our ward right now--she´s from Spain) made me some huge wings out of wire and my companion, Sister Durhman helped me make this green skirt too....I would have never thought that I´d be chosen to dress up like tinker bell haha, but it was pretty fun...and the food was AWESOME. We had this white elephant gift exchange and I picked out of the last numbers and I ended up stealing a pretty awesome gift from one of the sisters that is going home in 2 weeks....haha! I felt like the devil´s child doing it because everyone was like NOOO!!But it was pretty funny, sometimes life is rough! haha! I´m such a bad person! But seriously it was a great time to see everybody in the zone.

So my companion and I had an interesting experience...When we went to Tepotzlan I contacted this old man on the bus and I asked if he knew anyone else that would like to hear our he told us that maybe his daughter...great! I gave him a card and we planned to meet with him in 2 weeks. We went to seach him out this week and it was in a part of our area that we had never been to before and we werent really sure where we were companion stops to buy this bottle of water and shortly afterward this older lady in this big black and gray fur coat says hi to us and we introduced ourselves and she was sort of really creepy...she had long black eyelashes and bright red lip stick...she asked my companion for a drink of her water, but tells us we had to open it just in case it was poisoned...she then starts telling us about how her and her parents had been poisoned awhile back and it was just weird. We opened the bottle of water and just ended up giving it to her. She then wanted us to go talk to her dad because she told us that he´d definitely be interested in our message...HECK NO. So we just told her we had to was definitely one of the creepiest moments that I´ve experienced in the mission. We finally found the house and two little kids opened the door. Apparently the old man who had given the reference wasn´t actually interested, but knew that his oldest daughter, Arlette was Christian and that she might want to hear our message. He later told us that it wasn´t until he looked closer at the card that I had given him that he realized that we were Mormons...and that Arlette was actually already a member....the same Arlette that we went to look for because a few weeks ago we were looking through the area file and we saw that she had given a bunch of references of her friends to other missioneries...but when we had went to look for her they told us that she had moved!....but apparently the old man on the bus is her dad and Arlette had JUST moved back home....crazy, huh? we´ve still got to met her, we went on Saturday to share a message with one of the little boys who opened the door (Luis Angel) (He´s super interested in knowing more about the church but his dad won´t let him go to church on Sunday´s so it´s sort of not letting him progress, but that´s okay, we´ll see what we can do. It was definitely awesome seeing how the Lord literally lead us to the house of an inactive member who had just moved back and whose little brother was interested in hearing about the companion and I decided that the old creepy lady was definitely a distraction that was put in our way from attending to our actual job, who knows that would have happened if we would have went with her!

We have 4 awesome investigators right now....Super Dave, Rosario and Dante, and Jorge

1)Super Dave....he loves to sing and he´s so funny and loves to serve. When we first contacted him he didn´t believe in God and now he has a baptismal date for the 3rd of January. But.....he just got called for a job at the Gulf of Mexico today and flew out this morning...he works with electricity and we´re really hoping he returns on time for his baptism on the 3rd! He´s really progressing well though!

2) Rosario and Dante....mother and son who are amazing. They´re also going baptized on the 3rd and the only thing that Dante asked Santa for was a little hymnbook and Rosario asked me if I knew of a place that sold them so she could get one before Christmas....and so I just gave her mine, haha! So I hope Dante likes it! Oh and one of my 2 pair of shoes completely broke yesterday...and both pairs of my shoes have already had to be brought to the shoe repair place because the bottoms fell off....oops. I´m really hoping my other pair of shoes lasts me 4 months more!!! Keep those fingers crossed!

Jorge is a great investigator. He doesn´t have a baptismal date right now but is already reading the Book of Mormon for the second time and went to the Stake Christmas Choir performance so we´ll see what happens with him, I hope he keeps coming to church, he´s great!

I hope all of you have a great Christmas this Thursday, I´m so excited to talk to my family!

Oh and that big garbage bag is my Christmas gift I brought to the White Elephant! haha! The mission doesnt really give us lots of options for supplies!

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