Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yesterday we had 4 less active members at church and it was awesome. We´re working hard on trying to reactive them so that they can receive the fullness of the gospel in their lives. One of the less active members is Moises and he´s awesome. He served a mission but then met someone who wasn´t a member and since then he´s stopped going to church. It´s sad because he has 2 little kids who really could use the Primary in their lives. But the amazing thing is that his brother Cesar is listening to the mission lessons for the 4th time (he listened to them 3 times a few years ago) and he says he´s ready to be baptized because he´s 33 and Jesus was 33 when he was baptized! HAHA! I love this family. The mom is really cool too, she know just how to talk to her kids ...she told Moises ¨hey ...your brother is listening to the missionary lessons and has a baptismal date...and he wants you to baptize him...but you can´t...because your inactive...¨ HAHA! But then Moises got all excited and told her ¨wait just a second...I´m going to go talk to the Bishop¨ and yesterday the mom and bother of her sons were at church. I love the gospel.

Alberto didn´t progress how we would have´s sort of sad, but his mom Lucy is amazing. She has a baptizmal date for the 15th and she basically fought one of the relief society ladies for the missionary food calendar so that she could feed us on my birthday! I love her! ( Oh yeah I almost forgot...if anyone is going to send anything to the mission home REMEMBER to put a sticker of the Virgin Mary on it or a picture of Jesus because Mexico is a little shady right now with all the problems going on--I don´t know if it´s made the news of not but there were 43 college kids who were kidnapped and the parents have been rioting and there have been a bunch of things going on, but I can´t really write about them in a blog so we´ll have to talk after the mission, but anyways, it´s pretty fishy right now. All the missionaries have been taken out of the state of Guerrero and they are still here with us in Morelos, it´s pretty crazy, but all of this is definitely an adventure.

We received a reference from one of the members in the ward and we contacted his friend over the phone and he was really nice and gave us really good directions to his house and when we went, we found out that he just wanted to sell us his herbal teas! What!? We got so lost trying to get to his house and he wasn´t interested at all, haha. Apparently the member who gave us the reference is one of his clients and there was a miscommunication. We tried to share him about the Restoration but he was sort of really we just ended up shouting it and even then he couldnt understand lol but it´s okay...I´m sure he´ll run into the missionaries later in his life.

Hey guys, I complete a year on Thursday!! HECK YES. I can do this! I hope you guys all have awesome Halloween costumes, because remember, it´s the best holiday of the year ;)

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