Sunday, February 8, 2015

This week was Christmas! Heck yea! It was awesome because I got to talk to my family...and I basically had a little breakdown over Skype it was horrible! I´m sure if any of you would have been there you would have laughed at me, I was a laughing crying wreck! But that´s okay because the mission continues and we have 3 baptism coming up this Saturday! Heckka yea. Rosario and her son Dante, and Dave (Super Dave).

This Christmas I was able to do something really awesome for one of our investigators and I just have to share it because this is the best Christmas gift I¨ve ever given and was free!! Dante is 8 and the only thing he asked Santa for this year was a little hymnbook...and Rosario´s husband lives in Mexico City on a military base and he went to the temple bookstore, but it was closed when he went! Oh no! So Rosario was looking everywhere for a little hymnbook and I told her to just take mine. We went 3 days later and the first thing he took out was his little hymnbook covered with Sesame Street stickers! Hecka yes. I think I just literally made someones Christmas and it was totally worth it. I´m going to attach a picture and you guys can be the judges of that smile.

The 24th was definitely the big day´s basically just as big as Thanksgiving in the states. Maribel and her brother Aldo invited us over to eat with them and it was great. They´re the only Peruvians that I´ve met here in the mission and they´re legit. and they know how to eat! I loved eating with them! They also lent us sweaters and coats because all Wednesday morning in the storming and raining....which is really weird weather during this season we showed up to their house soaking wet and they lent me this Peruvian pancho- scarf thing. It was awesome! Haha!

We were also invited to go eat at our friend Luz´s house. She´s so nice and she has a little puppy dog that really wanted to be invited to dinner too haha.

I´m really glad that I´ve been able to spend a second Christmas here in Mexico and I can´t wait to share you guys all my stories when I´m actually home, it´s been quiet a ride. Tomorrow I´ll have 14 months here in the mission.4 more to go!!

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