Sunday, February 8, 2015

So we had 3 baptizms on Saturday! Woohoo! Seriously, these people are so amazing and literally they were truly ready to receive the gospel when we found them. I love being a missionary and I love helping these people.

The man`s name is David...he literally thanked us because he told us that he thought his life was fine and he thought it had a purpose...but them as he got to understand and live the gospel he was really changed and he noticed a huge change in everything. We sang a musical number at his baptizm...¨There`s Sunshine in my Soul Today¨....which was actually pretty interesting because all Saturday we were literally DYING because of these cheese filled chills we ate and well they basically killed us. I won`t include the details, but I`m glad that`s over with now.

Rosario and Dante are adorable, I love them, they`re amazing. They`re going to move to el D.F. in a month and they told us they`re going to try looking for the church when they`re there too so I really hope everything works out! They are amazing and they only thing Dante is asking the Reyes for tonight is a pair of church clothes (Los Reyes Magos is basically another chance for the kids here to get presents, what?! it`s pretty cool though).

Oh I`m no longer in Cuernavaca, La Pradera...I`m in Iguala..with Hermana Silva. It`s pretty interesting because there are only 3 Columbian Sisters in the mission and two of them I`ve been able to train...and Hermana Silva is going home in 3 months (she`s the third), right before I go home! I`m pretty excited to be here in Iguala...It should be great, I can`t wait to get to know the ward a little better and the members too!.

We don`t have light right now in our house, but that`s okay, I guess we`ll get that figured out later, but I`m ready to get to work!

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