Sunday, February 8, 2015

Igual definitely is not Cuernavaca. I think it might take me awhile to get use to it after being in Cuernavaca for so long but I actually love it! It´s hot...and when I say hot I mean HOT...and the funny thing is that apparently the heat doesn´t start until May...but I´m pretty sure I´ll still be here in May (I have 3 changes to go ---a change is a period of 6 weeks) so I´ll be able to appreciate it in its fullness! The people here live more humbly than the people in Cuernavaca. We don´t use too much public transportation; we mostly walk.

In Cuernavaca people usually say that it´s really hard to find people that are receptive to the gospel...but my companion Sister Durham and I were blessed to be able to find people that truly were ready to be baptized...and here in Igual they say that it´s the area where people ALWAYS are able to find people to listen and accept the gospel...but we didnt have any investigators at church on Sunday so we´ll have to try even harder this next week.

My companion and I get along amazingly. There are only 3 Columbian girls in the mission and I´ve have the opportunity to be companions of all 3! Hermana Silva is ending the mission in 11 weeks and I´ll be ending in 17 weeks. It seems like time really is going by super fast. We both think that we´ll be ending our missions in this area that we´re in.

Today we stayed at home all day cleaning because it was time that that house was shown a little love. I then made my companion and I spaghetti and she loved it! She´s going to teach me to cook some Columbian food next week. Hopefully next week we´ll be able to go to a place that´s called Taxco. It´s beautiful and I can´t wait to go!!!

My companion and I totally got these Peppa the Pig crowns from this little girl who we ate with yesterday! Peppa the Pig is a huge hit here in Mexico...I don´t know how it´s doing in the states but Peppa is basically the next Dora the Explorer.

Love all of you!

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