Monday, May 11, 2015

So this will be my last email home...isn´t that weird? So I´m not going to lie, I feel sort of will be so different going back to the life has totally been something else for months ...for example I won´t have to throw a bucket for water down the toilet everytime I want to flush it....and there won´t be tortillas! what? That´ll take some getting use to.

Last Saturday one of my old investigators got baptized, her name is Lionides and she was really a miracle. The grumpy old man that she was living with left and the next Sunday she went to church! And the next week she was baptized!

I´m not going to lie...I´m pretty excited to see my family again...its been AWHILE....if you guys haven´t seen my mom´s facebook posts (because I´m sure she´s been posting about it ) my parents are coming to pick me up here in Mexico...hopefully we´ll get to visit some converts and some cool places, but I´m just excited to be home and to lay down on my carpet, I´m not even kidding..

I´ll see you all in a week!

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