Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas! It definitely doesn´t feel like Christmas here, but I guess we´ll see what actually happens the 25th!

My new area is really hot...really hot. In my last area I could get away with reusing my outfits a few times, but that quickly changed when I moved here. Makeup doesn´t happen anymore either, it´s too much of a hassle.

I have come to the conclusion that the life in the MTC is nothing like the life in the field...So many things are different! The MTC was a lie! haha! Just kidding, no but seriously, so many things are different...For example..I had water in the MTC...here we need to wait for a ´water truck´ to deliver the water and we haven´t seen him for 4 days...so we've just been buying lots of bottled water.

I had a pretty embarrassing experience this week...so we were eating tortillas with jabanero peppers and I felt a mosquito on my face...so I went to swat at it and I accidently brushed my eye. My eyes have never burned that much! I rinsed my eye out of 15 minutes with water from a huge judge that had dirt sitting on the bottom...haha, oh joy! I was also pratically blind for the rest of the day because I only had one contact in. But it was pretty interesting, that´s for sure.
Also, we have a really nice neighbor named Jesus who lives on the floor under us. He´s a member of our ward here and he is also a chef...and he´s always cooking for us! He´s so great! He also contacted our families this week to schedule times for us to Skype. I can only imagine my sister and brother trying to figure out who this Mexican man was who d to talk to my mom about me here in Mexico! I´ll have to ask them what actually happened on the 25th when we talk, but the way he explained it was super funny.

We have several people with baptismal dates! The closest one is for the 28th, her name is Selena and in the opinions of my companions she is ´bien fashion´ haha! She´s 60 and she still likes to get her nails done and wear super high heels. She´s super nice though and apparently she´s been listening to the missionaries for 3 years and she´s finally made the decision to get baptized! I´m so grateful I´ll be able to get to know her a little more while I´m in this area! 

Also, the people here can´t pronounce my name! haha! It´s pretty funny. They call me Hermana War, World, Wart, basically whatever comes out. They prefer to call me Hermana Barrio haha! I explained that ¨Barrio¨ in English is ¨Ward¨ so it actually works out quiet nicely. My zone gave me this nickname in the MTC so I guess now I´ll actually be using it!

I also received some forwarded letters from the MTC from some of my friends! Thanks so much, letters are great! I hope everyone at home is having a great time and is enjoying their Christmas!

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