Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey everyone! I usually write on Monday´s but we were without internet here for a few days, but everything's okay, promise ( love you mom!).

Christmas was great this year. The 24th is when everyone in Mexico celebrates and the 25th is just a normal day. The 24th (Noche Buena) is when families have their big Christmas dinner and a lady in our ward invited us over! The food here is super spicy and super delicious.

On the 25th, when we woke up my companions noticed that Santa had actually found our small little town here in Mexico! With some help from Hermana Ward of course. Now, I`m actually pretty proud of this accomplishment because anyone that´s served a mission knows that it´s almost impossible to do anything without your companion present. We´re always together, but I managed to distract them for a few minutes here and there. Anyways, I made french toast on Christmas morning and everything was great. Later we went to our neighbor Jesus´s house and we skyped with our famlies! I told my mom that I was going to name my first born son Jesus in memory of our kind neighbor...and my first born girl Maria Guadelupe because the people here love the Virgin Mary. I met the new family dog Chopsticks (what kind of name is that....if I would have been present that would not have happened..he would have had a classy name...((love you Nani)) ) anyways, I´m super excited to meet him in 2015.

My companion from the MTC Hermana Garcia left our trio to go train 2 American girls! ( We`re only 7 weeks into our 12 week training too so it´s sort of a big deal!) Our mission president told us that we (Garcia, Junca, Young and myself) are the first group of American girls serving in this area of Mexico! Whoa. A boatload of American girls are coming to Mexico in the new few transfers though and the President wants us to be prepared to train in the future...( I really am not looking forward to this, but whatever happens happens lol) So for the time being I´m with Hermana Obregon and she´s a native.

Our planned baptism for Selena didn´t happen, but with more time hopefully she`ll make the decision.

Some random things that are a little different about my area here:

1. The toliets don´t flush. Most people have a huge barrel of water with a mini bucket inside and you fill up the water with the mini bucket and pour it down the toilet really fast and bam- it flushes.

2. It´s super dusty. Everynight when we return home we´re covered head to toe in dust. I only ever used my inhaler during the swim season but now I´m taking puffs off it all the time!

3. My companions tell me that I speak fluent Spanish in my sleep...great. Now I just have to transfer this into a being awake thing that I can actually control.

Until next time!

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