Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey everyone! Guess what? Selena actually got baptized Saturday! We went to her house Friday with a member and she decided she wanted to be baptized the next day! But, she told us she would only get baptized if the water was warm....The day of the baptism we were rushing around trying to find these weird metal heater things that we could put in the font ( The chapel that we´re at doesnt have hot water) and when we actually got to the church and tried to us them, we found out they didn´t work! #Mexico So she got baptized in cold water...haha!She´s the first in her family and it´s actually a pretty big deal because she´s been listening to the Elder´s for 3 years! Even our mission president and his assistances know about her. Yesterday at church she got all dressed up in her heels and what not ( she´s 50 but she acts like she´s 20, she´s hilarious) and we were talking to a member and she said, ¨I got baptized yesterday, aren´t you going to congratulate me?¨ Wow...haha! But I guess that´s the culture...

Yesterday I had sort of a weird companion and I were returning to our house and we ran into one of the less active members of our ward here. I didn´t know who she was, but I guessed by the way my companion (who´s been in this area for 5 months) greeted her. We were talking for awhile and I was drinking my water bottle because it was pretty hot, but I had a feeling I needed to give her my bottle of water...what? haha! It was a little more than half full and I was thirsty and didn´t think too much about it so I drank a little more...but I kept feeling like I actually needed to give her my bottle of water! (which at this point was only half full). Right before we parted ways I awkwardly asked her if she needed water for her family and I held out my bottle of water for her. It turns out that she actually took it! I´m glad I could give her the water even though it wasn´t much and even though I didn´t know who she was. I wish I could have actually given her more!

This morning I bought an exercise mat to motivate me to actually exercise. I´ve never drank so much coke ( I never drank coke before the mission) and I´ve never eaten so many tortillas! We eat tortillas with everything...and they aren´t the healthy kind either! (If there is a healthy kind of tortilla). I told my companion I wanted to start a work out program called ¨Fight the Fat¨ for the missionaries here in the mission but I don´t think she understood because it doesn´t really translate very well into Spanish.

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