Monday, January 13, 2014

I´d just like to start off by saying I never thought I´d run as much as I do here in Mexico. We run all the time! I can only imagine what the other people are thinking when they see these girls in skirts running all over Chilpancingo! We had to run home two nights in a row because we´re suppose to be at home at 8pm everynight and if we don´t call at 8pm our leaders call us to make sure we´re safe. We received a call at 8:10 from some concerned leaders, haha! ¨We´re ok, we´re on the corner, promise!¨

Yesterday we were talking with a lady and we had our lesson all planned out but we had to change our plans because we teach according to what the Spirit directs us to teach. She was talking about her husband who had died and she wanted to know where he was, ect ect. I´ve really been learning to teach by the Spirit and change plans according to what the investigators need. (By the way...she told us that when she was dating her husband he kidnapped her and held her hostage in his basement until she agreed to marry him....she was in that basement for 15 days! what the heck?! and apparently she found that romantic so she agreed to marry him! haha! That is so illegal in the U.S.)

Also it´s pretty interesting, but a lot of people like to wear sweaters when it´s super hot to protect their skin from the sun. I would have never thought of doing that; it´s so different!

Also we celebrated Los Reyes Magos on January 5th, which I´ve never heard of before so I think it´s just hear in Mexico. Anyways, it´s like a second visit from Santa Claus for the kids and we eat rosca! Which is this circular piece of bread with little plastic babies inside....(lol) and if your piece has a baby or more than one baby, you need to make tamales for all the other people. haha! It was pretty fun!

Hope you´re all doing great!

This is how I spent Christmas day! haha! A few of the girls from my district! They´re awesome!

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