Monday, January 20, 2014

This week has been interesting for sure!

A young couple here that we`re teaching asked me why I gave all my money to come to Mexico when usually it`s the otherway around and the people here want to leave to the states! It was really a humbling experience and I had an opportunity to share the real reason I`m here! They also asked me how I was before the mission and if I always walk around in a skirt and blouse. lol! haha! They told me there`re suprised I`m not spring breakin` it up in Miami or something in my bikini and volleyball in hand! What a riot lol It was definitely a fun lesson.

A few days ago I learned how to make legit flan! It is delicious, I`ll have to make it for all of you when I come home!
Yesterday I had my first experience of running for my life here in Mexico lol I don`t know if I`m joking or not ...last night we were contacting people in the street and we all heard a glass bottle break....everyone started booking it out of the area! We ran up that hill pretty fast let me tell you! lol #drunkmexicanfights My companion and I were fine, but we`re definitely trying to be careful.

I really am trying to be a good missionary but sometimes it`s hard... I`m obedient, but having the desire to be obedient is definitely different. But I`m working on it! Before the mission I never prayed for patience (I did once and I had a horrible day so I figured it was better without this plea in my pray lol ) but here I`m praying for patience everyday! Patience with myself and with others.

I`m definitely changing a lot here in Mexico, I hope it`s for the better. If anything I`m becoming more meek and humble. I guess it`s a good thing, but my perspective on life is changing! I definitely living to serve others and the last person on my list of people to care for is myself. It`s definitely a different way to look at the world.

Oh and yesterday one of our investigators chewed me out! Ugh it was really a horrible experience but I had good intentions I promise...ok this is the story...she works on a corner selling esquites (corn on the cob with chili and mayo) and she offered two to my companion and I . We took them happily. Then one of our less active members of the ward came up to talk to us and she hadnt been out of the house for basically a week so we were really happy to see her! The thing is that she had a miscarriage and the doctor did a bad job operating on her so she`s been super sick. One this night she told us that she hadnt eating for 2 days because she didnt have money to buy food and she couldn`t eat anything really before we went our separate ways, I gave her my corn thing and the lady got super offended and yesterday (2 weeks after the fact) she chewed me out! I didn`t know the lady had seen me or that she`s been harboring these feelings for so long! Ugh! #frustration! I apoligized and we`re going to visit her again this we`ll see how it goes lol.

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