Monday, December 16, 2013

This week has been interesting for sure! Two nights ago my companion and I received a call telling us that we were going to change areas and that we´d each be getting new companions. Out of the 12 weeks of training that I have, I completed 5 with my trainer and now I´m going to finish the other 7 with my new trainer and her trainee....which happens to be my companion from the MTC! Which apparently never happens! I´m so excited to work with them! I worked really well with my companion in the MTC and I learned a lot from her. My trainer in my first area was nice and I learned a lot of things from her, first of which was patience. Haha. She was pretty good at getting people to do stuff for her, which isn´t necessary bad, it´s just not what I was used to....we´ll leave it at that. 

I´m in my new area right now and the hill we have to climb up everyday is of the devil. I don´t know too much about my area, but a lady in my old area did start to cry when I told her where I was going ( Chilpancingo, Galeana) because there are a lot of things that happen here. I´ll spare everyone the details, but I´ll be sure to be safe. The sun is super strong in my area and I am going to be black when I return home in 2015. There is no doubt about it.

Christmas is just around the corner! This is my first Christmas away from home so we´ll see how it goes, but I have high hopes! I´m trying to stay positive, because Christmas is really about having the Spirit of Christ, so if I just concentrate on my purpose as a missionary I should be fine. Feliz Navidad!

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