Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey everyone! Okay...so it´s only March and this has been the hottest week I´ve ever experienced in my life. It is super hot.

Every week so many things happen and it is literally impossible to write everything so I´ll pick a few things for this week:

I also received my 5th marriage proposal from a drunk Mexican this week....I´m not sure how I´m even suppose to respond to that... ¨umm thanks....here take this phamplet about Jesus..¨ haha! I love the people here! And not just because the drunk men try to flatter my companion and I! haha! Theyre actually some of the most loving people I´ve ever met. They´re loyal and they´re passionate about everything.

This is the first time in my 4 months here that I´ve actually showered without a bucket of cold water and a little cup. I love showerheads. I also love houses without cockroaches and ants...but that´s a completely different story. Let me just tell all of you that I am definitely not in the states.

I don´t know if I told you guys, but we had transfers and I´m training a girl from San Diego and from everything she´s told me it´s a super legit place and I totally want to go one of these days. She´s super awesome and we get along great! I love being her companion. We have a great time and I´m trying to teach her all the Spanish I know, but it´s super hard because this is the first time in 4 months that I´ve actually been with someone that speaks English and it´s just so much easier to communicate in English...some may call me lazy, but I think it´s alright. We´re trying this new thing were we speak English in the house and Spanish when were outside (basically for our protection..) but sometimes we just speak in English, haha!

We have a few baptisms that are planned for April 19th and we´ll see if when the time comes the people still want to join the church. I¨m actually really glad I was born into the church and could investigate it afterwards, already having the influence because I´m not sure where I would be right now if I wasn´t associated with the church from a young age...I can sure tell you I wouldn´t be in Mexico! That´s for sure! One of the men we´re teaching right now is actually a pretty special case. He had an accident a few years back and completely forgot everything...he had to start from scratch and it´s really awesome getting to know him because he´s quiet the character.

Two days ago there was a street protest of teachers in the state of Guerrero and we couldnt get a combi ( the bus- mini van transportation) for the life of us. The streets were literally congested for hours!

I cannot wait until General Conference! I also want to congratulate my friend Brittany and her new fiance Matt on their engagement! Congrats!!

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