Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Okay so for the first time here in Mexico I burned. I actually burned pretty bad too and I´m using this super expensive 70 sunscreen protector...(Sunscreen should not be that expensive)...
We´re teaching this older man who actually has a baptizmal date for the 19th! He´s great and loves to talk...a lot. His name is Juventino and he had an accident a few years back that caused him to forget everything, so he basically had to start over from zero, but he is super pumped for his baptizm.

I cannot wait for general Conference this week! Finally it´s here! I´m going to go to the stake center to watch it with all the other missionaries in the area. It´ll be my first time watching it in Spanish!

Oh....I also lost the mission phone (cough)....That was disappointing and super embarrassing...We sat down on the curb to call a lady (I´ve never met her in my life and she yelled at me! What the heck!) and then we left to go to a lesson and at the end of the lesson I didn´t have the phone...so long story short we literally spent 3 hours retracing our steps to try to find it...and in the end I ended up paying for a new phone (it was pretty cheap so it didn´t really hurt me too bad) but more than anything I was just really embarrassed...but I guess things happen, but I will definitely never lose the phone again. We lost all our contacts and everything! Ugh! We´re pretty sure we left it on the curb and some little kid snatched it. That was our conclusion.

My family also sent me a huge box with a bunch of stuff in it! Thanks so much! In the box were also a few pictures and all minus 2 featured our new dog ...I´m glad to see that his getting loved!

Oh and I am also super grateful for my ward back at home...the ward that I´m in has like 40 people that show up consistently and the rest are inactive...so we´re working on that, haha. And the teachers sometimes don´t show up either so my companion and I have taught the last 2 Sundays worth of classes.

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