Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This week we traveled the Cuernavaca again to help my companion out with her visa. On the way there the police stopped the bus and asked to see everyone´s ID! Ha! My companion was all panicky but I whipped out my ID and I just told the police that she was with me...haha! Talk about feeling legit! Oh and before we got on the bus there was this bag checker guy who´s suppose to check the bags to make sure we´re not bringing anything dangerous on board and he totally didn't ask me to check my bag..it was pretty funny though because I asked him if he wanted to look at what I was carrying and he replied "oh yea..of course," ....do your job! haha!

Last week a miracle happened...after our district meeting my companion went over to talk to one of the leaders because she had a question about something and 20 minutes later she comes over and gives me a huge hug! Something that´s never happened before...lol..later in the house she told me what she and the leader had talked about and apparently they had a heart to heart and she totally apologized for not talking to me and for being rude to me! I was astonished. And from this point we've been on good terms...it´s crazy what can happen here in the mission. I still can´t believe I've been here for 4 months! I´m looking more and more Mexican everyday! I love you all!

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