Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hey everyone! This week has been interesting that´s for sure! I´m pretty sure every week in Mexico is interesting haha.

Today I scored 2 goals in soccer when we were playing with the zone, I´m pretty sure some of the Elders let the ball slip by, but I wasnt going to say anything haha!

I don´t know if I mentioned this in my last letter but I´m really uping my homemaking skills ;D The bishops wife taught me how to crochet and I´m currently in the process of crocheting a tie...no judgement.

Congrats to my brother who got accepted into BYU! We can finally do all those plans we had planned before I left for Mexico! Best friends Kris...we´re going to be best friends... ;D lol in the least creepiest way possible.

So I bought UNO for my companion and I to have some bonding time together lol I spent 8 bucks on those cards so I hope it´s worth it!

It´s still super hot and I have some killer tan lines that I´ll definitely be bringing back as a soverign.

We´re teaching a couple that wants to get baptized but the catch is that theyre not married...I hope we can work it all out and help them get married! They´re young and super great.

I´m also reading ¨Jesus the Christ¨ which was a recommendation from my dad and I LOVE it...there are so many things that I´m learning that I never knew before. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants an excellent read.

Until next week! Love you all!

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