Friday, April 25, 2014

An Earthquake, a Baptism...and Weird Combi Drivers

So everyone, that investigator, Carlos, had the right idea--we should never sit, just in case there´s an earthquake, we´ve gotta be alert...This week I experienced my first earthquake...We were studying and suddenly the whole house just started to shake and it was a little scary because we live in this second floor patio area and I was super suprised the metal spiral stairs that lead up to our house stayed in place. We just sort of huddled on the floor together away from all the windows until it calmed down, but apparently it was a big one because all the people were freaking out. I´m perfected okay though. It was pretty interesting because I had no idea what was going on so I was just like ¨whelp...I think this is an earthquake..¨ I was super calm apparently haha! I´d like to thank Carlos for giving me the headups although I just thought he was crazy.

We had a baptizm this week! Heckka yea! Juventino finally got baptized. I was so happy for him. He had really changed a lot from when I first met him and it´s a real privilege helping people be able to make this life changing change in their lives. After the baptizm, my companion and I sang him ¨¨La Luz de La Verdad¨ it´s his favorite hymn and it´s actually the hymn of the mission too, so that was a little ironic, but he burst out into tears at the end. He told us later that when he hears us sing he knows the church is true, and that was really special because I´m not that great of a singer, ( my companion studys music, so I give all the credit to her) but it was just really special. He had us scared though, because on Sunday he arrived late for the comfirmation of the Holy Ghost and we thought he wasn´t going to show up! But he come strolling in right because the Sacrament and all I could think was..¨¨...the person that´s always 30 minutes early to everything! Ha! What a weekend! It was amazing. I am so happy for him, he is going to be a great member of the church.

On the way home I had some interesting combi (white mini vans that drive people around the town--it´s the public transportation in the area) experiences....first off...I was walking down the street and a huge gust of wind decides to come my way and up goes the skirt....we were walking down the sidewalk and a combi driver shouts out his window ¨whoooa Senorita!¨ It was pretty hilarious. Then a little bit later we got into a different combi and on come Bryan Adam´s ¨I´d do anything for you¨ (but it was translated into a Spanish version) and the combi driver sang that song to me, looking up at me through his mirror! Talk about creepy. The combi drivers are definitely something else.

We had a great experience on Sunday. We were suppose to go to eat at a members house but an extended family member had died so the mom had to go out of town and we were left with the two daughters and a house with no food. So they took us to the grocery store to buy some food (we usually never shop on Sunday´s because we believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy...but they had no it was necessary) anyways, as we walked into the store we see the family of the YM´s president ( who´s wife for some reason has never really liked the missionaries in the ward and she´s actually been a little mean too) but we see them and they were super embarassed to have been caught shopping on Sunday! It was hilarious. My companion and I laughed, but we saw them as they were exiting out of the store and they gave us each an if to bribe us not to tell anyone, wow. It was just super funny. Don´t worry people, we´re not going to tell anyone! haha!

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