Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy birthday mom! I love you!

¨Buenas tardes, se ve muy guapa con sus lentes¨

So this is what our investigator, Juventino told me last week during a lesson...apparently he liked the way I looked with glasses...but then he want straight to telling me how I looked like the Abuelita on that hot chocolate box ¨Abuelita¨...she´s like 60+ years old! Thanks Juventino, haha! He is amazing..a little out of this world, but nevertheless very interesting.

We´re also teaching a girl who was obsessed with One Direction...she brought out all her posters, her bookbag, her photos, everything...and I took a bunch of pictures with her. I told her that she could have all the members minus Zayn (is that how you even spell his name?) Anyways, she was way cool and really thinks I´m great because I tried on her One Direction hat! haha!

The third investigator we´re teaching is named Carlos and he is definitely interesting. He is 17 and was born in Spain but moved here 5 years ago. During our lesson he didnt want to sit down because he told us his martial arts teachers taught him at a young age that he should never sit because when he sits he isn´t alert---and if there´s an earthquake he´s got to be he´s pretty interesting. He went to church yesterday though and that was awesome.

So Friday we had an interesting experience...we were suppose to have a ward activity and so we told our investigators to come at 5...and so they, all being super punctual, showed up at 5 and there was no one there...slowly more people started trickling in but at 5:45 people just wanted to leave so Hermana Riggins and I were like ¨okay...what can we work with¨ we decided that we´d just sing a few hymns with them...thank goodness that Hermana Riggins knows how to play the piano because we were there singing songs until 6:30. Finally someone from the Bishopric showed up and was like ¨what´s the plan?¨ What do you mean what´s the plan? We literally have been planning this activity for 3 months and in the end it all turned out was interesting that´s for sure. We also had our first Ward Counsel meeting in 7 weeks yesterday. We´re suppose to have them everyweek but I´m pretty sure the Bishop noticed we weren´t too happy with the activity. This area is definitely interesting. I love the people but the ward could definitely use a boost. We´re trying our best to get everyone motivated but It´s not going to happen in one day. It´ll definitely take a few months of serious work. The Bishop told us that if the ward doesn´t start getting more people coming to church then we´re be combining with other ward in the area. Juventino´s baptism will be the first in 5 months, so we´re really trying to help him so he feel prepared.

Thanks everyone, have a great week!

Hermana Ward

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