Monday, May 26, 2014

So I think earthquakes are becoming a normal thing here in Mexico. They usually hit during the mornings but one grabbed us in the middle of the night and my companion woke up and told me ^Oh my gosh, we`re having an earthquake^....and I just sort of sat up and waited for it to stop and told her ^I`m going to the bathroom^ haha! I didn`t realize that she`d get mad at me, but it was mostly just funny the next morning when we talked about it...I think she wanted me to protect her a little bit more. My companion and I are definitely super different people. She is afraid of everything. From dogs, to soccer balls, food that`s too spicy to`s interesting for sure. I`ve never been too afraid of anything and I think I^ve become even more immune to everything haha I try to be really nice about all of her fears but when she`s afraid to walk down a street because some kids are playing soccer I`m just like no...we get along great, but it`s because we work on it and we don`t get mad at the dumb stuff.

We have an interesting investigator. He`s a philosopher and he wants to believe in Christ but all of his previous knowledge about science is really fighting against him. He`s really awesome too because he asks legit questions and reads and wants to go to church even though he hasn`t been in 40 years. We first met him 3 weeks ago when he asked us if we had any books that we could give him. haha! Heckka yea we have some books if you want them! He`s really nice (he invited us over with his family to eat Postole) and his family was even nicer. Whenever he`s not there , they`re always telling us ^Please don`t leave him! ^haha!

We`re going to have the zone conference this Thursday at last, it`s dragged on for way too long, I`m happy to finally get it over with, haha! It was cancelled last week because the President got stuck in this horrible traffic jam that wasn`t going anywhere.

I gave a talk in church yesterday about blessings and the privileges of being members of the church and how we should live up to our potential and enjoy life because life is meant to be enjoyed.

Today I met up with a friend from Michigan who lives here in Cuernavaca (my companion and I had to come to the capital to fix up some of her visa papers) and we both really have grown to appreciate the United States and all the awesome things that there are that we will never again take for grated. I love my country!

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