Saturday, June 21, 2014

So we finally had that zone conference! It was great, I think so, haha! It was definitely an interesting feeling getting up there with my companion and training everyone else on the Book of Mormon, ha! Like I´m an expert, Everyone said they liked it though so I guess that means it was a plus!

We had a really humbling experience the other week..we got into a combi (the white mini vans that are basically like the public transportation) and they started asking for us to pass our money up front. We always pay so it wasnt a big deal so when we went to look my companion realized she didnt have any money and I only had 8 pesos and 50 cents! what! and the ticket costed 5 pesos each we literally had to ask the people in the combi if they had 1.5 pesos they could give kind kind soul eventually gave us a coin for 2 pesos and we gave him the coin for 50 about humbling. We didn´t have any money to get home either so we had to fast walk/run 45 minutes to get home before our time that we have to be at home. And of course we were literally on the outskits of the limits of our area.

We also had a fumagator come to our house a week ago because we had a huge investation of crazy flying Mexican bugs...the next day they all came crawling out of the walls and we no longer have a bug problem! But we came home one night and we didn´t have electricity in the house and apparently the owner of the house had given the bill to my older companion and she had thrown it out, not knowing what it! So we took care of that and we now have ´luz´haha! And one top of all of it, we haven´t had water in our house for over a week. But it´s okay because we have a neighbor who lets us take water from her kitchen sink and we bath with buckets! Yes, I love my bucket.

We have an awesome investigator. His name is Humberto and we were walking on our way to pick someone up for church and he was drunk but asked us if we had some books we could give him. We gave him a Book of Mormon with our phone number and after a few miscommunications and getting lost, we eventually had our first appointment with him and he´s been to church twice, and always reads. He´s had a really hard life and is really trying to change. He´s been to a psychologist and everything because he wants to change and get his life on track. He´s really analytical about everything and he´s also a lawyer and philosopher so some of our lessons are really interesting because he reads the chapters of the Book of Mormon that we give him and he questions us but he doesnt feel confident enough to pray so we´re trying to help him out with that, but hopefully he´ll get more comfortable with it sooner or later, When it comes to knowing if the church is true or not, youve gotta pray about it to know.

As a mission we´ve started reading the Book of Mormon, 10 pages a day for 65 days because that´s how long it took Joseph Smith to translate the plates. I´m trying to do it outloud because I could always improve my pronunciation. Scriptures in Spanish are sort of hard!

I love all of you!

Hermana Ward

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