Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hey everyone, this week was....a disaster..nah, just kidding, but it definitely had its ups and downs.

We had a training meeting on Wenesday for all the trainers and the new missionaries and it was great to see Hermana Junca ( she´s from my district in the MTC) and we totally get each other. We learned a bunch of things, and then they fed us. We were going to go back to Chilpancingo that same night but something I ate made me sick and well we had to stay in Cuernavaca another night. There are 2 older sister missionaries in the offices and I was laying down in one of the back rooms and they were basically fighting to see who could be the most motherly and all I wanted to do was sleep lol I´m pretty sure I´m a horrible person. They wanted me to take a cold bath, sleep without a blanket, ect ect--they had a boatload of suggestions, but at the end of it all..I just went to sleep.

Back in Obrera, Chilpancingo...we´re on day number 14 without water...we´ve upgraded from the bucket shower, to showering with a hose that we feed up through the spiral staircase. I love Mexico, the people, the food, the mission...but there will be nothing like showering in the normal shower back in the states.

We had 9 investigators at church yesterday. NINE. That has never happened before and we were SO was amazing. I can´t wait to see the progress of all of these people.

We´re still working with Humberto, we´re going to talk to him about the word of wisdom tonight. He´s really been trying to stop drinking recently but we´ve gotta let him know that he´s really missing out on a lot of blessings when he drinks.

We´re also working with a family of 4 ...the older daughter was already baptized in October, and the younger sister and parents have all the requirements they need to actually be baptized. The younger sister wants it with all her heart but she´s 13 and without the parents permission it´s a no go, but we´re having a huge family home evening Thursday and we´re going to see what happens.

So I have a Mexican best friend! His name is Jose Enrique and last Sunday we come to church with us!It was awesome because we were at stake conference and the poor 9 year old was so bored so I leaned over and asked ¨ you wanna be my best friend?¨And he totally remembered! We went to pick him up yesterday but he wasnt there...but later in the afternoon we were walking throught the street and he came up and gave me the biggest hug ever and said ¨Hey, best friend! I´ve missed you¨ He is adorable. He also drew me a Winnie the Pooh picture and gave me his light up toy thing...haha I´m not sure what it´s called but it was super sweet of him to give it to me.

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