Saturday, June 21, 2014

So yesterday at church, my best friend Jose Enrique (9 year old) and his cousin, Brisni (11) came with us. They are amazing and are definitely the poorest children I have ever seen in my life. They don´t go to school because theyre watching after the chickens and collecting trash in the streets.. everyone else in their family drinks and I´m pretty sure all if not the majoritiy of them have mental illnesses. They have a house made of cardboard and stones that´s on the side of a mountain. Jose Enrique wants to be a missionary and travel the world. He was inviting everyone to his baptism (2nd of August). During church he kept telling me he was hungry and we really didnt know when he would eat again or if he´s eaten all day and he told us he hadn´t. My ward mission leader took him to a little store after church and bought him and his cousin food for 2 meals. My ward mission leader is awesome. I really can´t even explain how I feel about him, he´s just this little bursting ball of sunshine and I really just want to give him the best life possible.

We also had an awesome ¨Family Home Evening¨ with a part member family and the topic was ¨Eternal Families.¨ We really didn´t know what to teach them, because they have all the missionary lessons and theyve been to church plenty of times but they just lack the desire to do it. So we had an awesome lesson with them with a couple from the ward who was about their age. The little girl, the daughter who´s 11 just started to cry in the middle of the lesson and pour out her heart to everyone because she really does want to be baptized and get closer to the church but the parents have had some marriage problems in their past that I nor my companion could really help them with (swoop--enters members). I really don´t know what we would have told that family if that members wouldnt have been there. Members really are the key to missionary work. I´m going to be so awesome to the missionaries when I get back, I´m gonna feed them and give them free stuff lol

I hope everyone had an excellent father´s day. I have the best dad alive so I just wanted to say, I love you dad! (Even though it´s the day after the fact...) I´m still the favorite child, nevertheless ;D

Also I hope my sister and all the other girls in the ward are having an awesome time at girls camp! Woohoo!!

Serving a mission is definitely the hardest thing I´ve done in my life, but it might be the most rewarding....I´m not quite done yet so I can´t give a full report on how it was, but I´ll let you all know how it was at the end of it all.

With all my Mexican love,
Hermana Ward

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