Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We have a baptizm planned for July 5th. He is a miracle and his name is Humberto. He was basically a drug addict for 25 years and he just decided to stop and get himself some real help. So he´s got a bunch of therapists and doctors helping him, we´re there to help him, he´s a miracle...and finally..after 4 weeks he prayed and he´s getting baptized the 5th of July. He´s a philosopher type so it was hard, but he is spectualar. His name is Humberto, so shoot some prayers his way if you guys can. He now prays everyday and he´s always praying for us too, he´s super legit. He´s hilarious, and totally reminds me of some of my high school friends. We´re also trying to help him find a job, he´s continuing his studies to be a lawyer but in the meantime he´s gotta find a job, we´re make phone calls and we´ll see what we can find him.

One of our less active members, Gertrudis is hilarious...she´s this little old lady who basically just talks to us about her death..it´s sad but everytime we visit her we´re all like ¨don´t say that, we need you!¨ She is such a comedian though, really, she says everything she thinks and there is no filter! For example...she has this niece that´s basically blind, but they´re neighbors..and Gertrudis was all like ¨why doesnt she visit me if she´s younger? and I´m here, basically about to die¨...and I told her...¨well Gertrudis..it´s just that...she can´t really see very well..¨..and Gertrudis said ¨ Well, that´s because God punished her for being such a bad person!¨ haha!! I just laughed, it was just such an outrageous conclusion haha she is something else.

So Jose Enrique is supposively going to get baptized in 3 weeks but we´ve gotta figure out the details on him because we just found out that like 10 years about other missionaries had passed by his house and had helped his parents get married! (what?!) Both his parents are now dead, but he has an older brother named Elder....that´s interesting. So, yeah we´re still trying to figure out everything...but he is so cute. We´re still best buds!

I´ve offically given up on all makeup because it just melts right off and it´s definitely not worth it, so all the pictures you guys will be receiving of me will be me in my completely nature Mexican state haha!

Oh! Yesterday I´m pretty sure I told my companion something that I thought was absolutely hilarious and she told me that I had the devil inside of me! What! haha! I wish I could remember what I had said! I love you all!

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