Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So the training never happened, haha! My companion was really relieved! We were all ready to go and so were all the other 30 missionaries! We were waiting for the President and his wife to come and we were probably waiting for 2 hours...they eventually gave us food and told us that the zone conference would be postponed because of traffic. I´m still not really sure what happened but it must have been bad or impossible for him to arrive because this is the first time a zone conference has been cancelled!

So we´ve had some interesting experiences happen this week....2 Weeks ago we were lost in the street....not surprising though, I always get lost haha! and we asked a man for directions...and it just so happens that 13 years ago some missionaries had passed by his house! We set up an appointment, went and ....he wasnt there...so we left a note with our number....and a week later he called us and we went to visit him! We shared the first lesson and he started to cry and told us that it was time for him to join the true church...he went over to his bookshelf and took down the copy of the Book of Mormon that the Elders who had passed by his house 13 years ago had left him....he brushed it off and brought it over to the table. I was amazing, almost shocked. His man had known that this book must have had some worth because for 13 years he had kept it... It´s for miracles like this that I am so grateful to call myself a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Also there´s this 100 year old lady that we teach, ¨Gertrudis.¨ We were walking down her street and we saw her trying to open her front gate...and my first thought was ¨Heckka no, whatcha doing Gertrudis, get back in your house! ¨ This lady is the sweetest thing but she´s stubborn! Apparently she had run out of medicine, so we helped her look for it and we couldnt find it so we kept calling her son and eventually he came to help us find them, but I think about how the Lord just knows....He knows...If we hadnt have been there in that moment she probably would have been ran over or something! Mexican drivers are something else! But really, I´m just so grateful to be here representing something that´s so much grater than I´ll ever be. I love the gospel. I hope you have an excellent week!

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