Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This week has been great. My new companion is really nice and we´re working hard in our area. She´s had a really hard time adjusting to mission life but that´s okay, we´re working it out. It can be a little hard at first because some people always are thinking about their families and I´m really glad I have the opportunity to train her because it´s given me some really great teaching opportunities. I really love her and I want her to have all the success possible in the mission. She literally relies so much on me and she´s always asking me advice and for tips and I´m all like ¨whoa, you´ve already fought half the battle because you speak Spanish! ¨ It really makes me rethink everything I believe and why I believe it because sometimes she asks me the deepest questions that she´s been struggling with and it really makes me think! But I´m so grateful that she has this trust in me and in my abilities.But I´m just really trying to keep her spirits up and be a good example for her.

We received a call from our zone leader yesterday and he had some interesting news for us. Apparently the President of the Mission is coming in 12 days to give us a training lesson. His 2 assistants are also going to address the zone (there are 28 of us) and apparently my companion and I are also going to be giving a lesson of 45 minutes! Ha! We´re going to teaching everyone why the Book of Mormon is so important in the conversion of new investigators. This should be really interesting. We have sister training leaders in our zone and apparently theyre not going to be training us, but my companion (who literally just finished her first week) and I will be training...uhhh...If you could all shoot some prayers my way that would be spectacular. I´m really glad that I have this opportunity to share what I believe infront of everyone, but more than anything I was a little suprised! haha!

There is this one lady in our area who is amazing....we´ll theyre all amazing, but this one in particular. Her name is Gertrudis and she´s 100! whoa! she lives alone and she loves when we visit her. We always sing her hymns and she always wants us to sing ¨How Great Thou Art¨ and weepy Sister Ward fights through it everytime. I love just sitting on her bed with her and talking. She really is special.

Also there is this lady who has been to church twice but stopped going because the friend she went with moved. She is super busy working, trying to support her family and has little time to spare. Last week we went over and helped her clean her refrigerator and we gained some of her trust. She is such a hard worker and she really is amazing. We went back to help her cut some onions 4 days ago and we were there for like an hour! My hands still smell a little bit like onions....yeah. But it was worth it! I hope she goes to church! haha!

Sunday I get to talk to my family on Skype! Woohoo! I love you mom! Happy Mother´s day a little bit early to all the amazing moms out there!

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